VW Passat 2017 usa, price

Luxury sedan vehicles are being attractive for the customers. There are different reasons why these vehicles are famous in the industry. The luxury sedan cars providing modern features and technologies can easily deliver the comfortable drive. Volkswagen is providing latest vehicles according to the market trends. This company has obtained real recognition because of the special technologies. Among the comfortable vehicles the name of VW Passat is very prominent. In order to improve the series, VW is going to launch VW Passat 2017 very soon.

VW Passat 2017

VW Passat 2017: Design, features and Specs

Design of the latest VW Passat 2017 vehicle is more considerable because of the light weight. VW will enhance the performance and speed of this luxury car with the help of modern aerodynamics. Aluminum and steel are the prominent metals for durability and light weight. Company will definitely try to minimize the total structural weight of this luxury vehicle.

Exterior designing of this luxury car is based on typical Passat style. VW will never change the detailed layout but it will bring some considerable modifications. The basic purpose of modifying the systems is to present a unique format for the upcoming season. No doubt, VW has not shared details about the exterior changes but spy shots are enough to get an idea. Bonnet will remain the same with few upraised margins. The grille will receive the changes. There are large openings for the promoted air intake. There is no chance of changing the headlights and indicators.  However, the company will incorporate LED technology for better night vision. Taillights also contain this technology. Tires are 17 inches as present in other luxury cars. The aluminum rims have been designed according to the structure of this luxury car. In this way, the VW will finalize the exterior designing of a famous model.

Interior changes are very reflective. 2017 VW Passat has an interesting interior with comfortable and luxurious settings. The drivers will find power steering, a new gearbox, satellite radio, navigation, weather updates, climate control, decent dashboard, large LCD, touch screen, two speedometers, adjustable seats and superior leather upholstery.

VW Passat 2017 interior

VW Passat 2017: Engine and Fuel Economy

Auto shifting technology will be introduced in engine setup. The VW Passat will contain TDI for the diesel engine. This engine is V6 type having fuel capacity of 1.8 liters to generate 170 hp. Second engine is V6 with 2.0 liters to produce 150 hp and third 3.6 L engine will provide 280 hp. VW will use 5 as well as 6 speed automatic transmission.

The VW Passat 2017 will cover 28 mpg in city. The highway mileage will be 32 mpg.

Safety and competition:

The VW Passat 2017 will compete with models such as Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry. Safety features include the parking sensors, alarms, belts, airbags, anti-lock brakes and rearview camera.

VW Passat 2017 rear

VW Passat 2017: Release Date and Price

Initial price of VW Passat 2017 will be $22,000 to $38,000. This luxury vehicle will appear in early 2017. Volkswagen will launch this vehicle in New York auto show in USA, Toronto auto show in Canada and Paris car show in France.

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