VW Golf 8 release date, gti

Luxury vehicles with special technologies are about to come in markets. There is a wide range of choice for the luxury drivers. It is expected that numerous companies will come with the outstanding models and series in upcoming season. The specialized Golf series has obtained a special position in the automobile world. Volkswagen is the manufacturer of this series. The car is categorized as a luxury option with modern technologies. The new model will be VW Golf 8 for the new age. Company will make critical changes in order to design it in a different style.

VW Golf 8

VW Golf 8: Design, Features and Specs

Structural changes are expected with the new VW Golf 8 model. The company has decided to improve the special features such as aerodynamics, structure and platform. There are huge chances of outstanding modifications. VW will utilize steel and aluminum for the high durability. Aluminum will help to maintain the structural weight but steel will keep high durability.

The exterior modifications are attractive and impressive. Manufacturer is not going to keep the traditional things. Only the platform will remain the same. Among the special systems receiving updates bonnet, grille, bumpers, lights, taillights and rims are very prominent. Shape of the bonnet is very impressive without any upraised margins. It is sleek and soft. Grille is very attractive because of the large openings. VW has used a new style of horizontal openings. It is expected that tires will be 19 inches with outstanding rim designing. All lights are LED based. This will be an attractive point for the drivers. Overall appearance of this vehicle is like Crossover SUV.

The interior settings in Volkswagen Golf 8 have been upgraded. The drivers will get power steering with multiple control buttons. It is expected that VW will use the modern gadgets including two speedometers, fuel meters, a new gearbox, decent dashboard, climate control, weather updates, and satellite radio. Company has planned to use modern connectivity facilities such as Bluetooth, USB ports, satellite navigation, Smartphone charger and Wi-Fi.  No information about the speakers, infotainment and HD display is present.

VW Golf 8 interior

VW Golf 8: Engine Options

Engine details have been announced by the VW. The Volkswagen Golf 8 will bring new technologies such as GTI. There will be four cylinders with gasoline as well as diesel engine. The base engine will provide 265 hp with special Clubsport Concept GTI. Second engine will be 325 hp while third engine is 261 hp. VW will use DSG auto boxes with 6-speed transmission. This vehicle will be a front wheel drive.

The VW Golf 8 will give 30 miles per gallon in cities. The long drive will cover 35 miles per gallon with constant speed.

VW Golf 8 rear

VW Golf 8: Release Date and Price

VW Golf 8 will be launched in the early 2017. VW will bring it in New York auto show. There is no exact update about the initial price.

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