Mitsubishi EVO SUV price, release date

Recently, the General Manager of Mitsubishi has announced that company is going to stop the production of Mitsubishi Lancer X Sedan car after 2015 and it will replace this generation with Mitsubishi EVO SUV. This is car will be SUV luxury having hybrid engineered electric motor to run the vehicle and give better performance on roads. There are also various changes in hardware and internal parts of the car under hood.

Mitsubishi EVO SUV front

Mitsubishi EVO SUV: Restyled Interior & Exterior

Exterior body of the Mitsubishi EVO SUV is little restyled, especially at the front grille, bumpers and headlights that seem adjacent and longer, but in fact these are few in number. LED light technology has been used in external and internal lamps. Hood and the windscreen both are present with each other and there is no border or line between them. Similarly, the back of the car is downward with cargo door and beautiful back indicators. Tires are also bigger and wider than other Mitsubishi models. There are same safety and entertainment systems inside the cabin as Mitsubishi ASX and Lancer sedan cars have.

120 KW electric motor is a big change in technical spec of Mitsubishi EVO SUV. Secondly, there are also effective safety measures which the travelers can easily apply when something goes wrong or on the brink of collision. Mileage of the car is 1.7 L per 100 km under 40g/km emission of CO2. Black leather cushioned seats with stronger belts; comfortable airbags, anti-lock braking system and multifunction steering wheel make it a fit drive for everyone. Cruise control, mount controlling, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, premium sound system, rear camera and automatic climate control system are well known parts of EVO SUV car.

Mitsubishi EVO SUV interior

Mitsubishi EVO SUV: Engine Units with Output

Mitsubishi has decided to switch its traditional and customary vehicles to hybrid variable voltage system that will have a powerful motor to generate output. Mitsubishi EVO SUV will be supported with 120 kW motor and 163 PS. New PHEV will have a MiVEC motor inverted that is usually mounted at the front of car and it is extremely efficient to produce variable voltage. Furthermore, it will also have 2WD drive-train having a 12 kWh battery capacity that emits less amount of carbon dioxide per 40g/km. This hybrid engineered car will have a mileage up to 100 km just in 1.7 L with low emission of CO2 under 40g/km.

Mitsubishi EVO SUV: Performance & Fuel Economy

Pike Peak Race Technology has been used in this Mitsubishi EVO SUV to make it an electric power car for all wheel control as well as all wheel drive product. It would have 2WD drive train that will be equipped with 12 kWh battery capacity which will also have CO2 emission under 40g/km. This is a fantastic mileage of latest EVO SUV car made by Mitsubishi.

Safety Plans & Competition:

It is also expected that EVO SUV will give competition to Grand Cherokee SRT by Jeep, Porsche Cayenne, Nissan and Range Rover Sports by look, design, cabin equipment and mileage. Navigation system, pre-collision warning, parking assist sensors, auto anti-lock brakes, seat belts, airbags and blind spot finder are included as general safety measures of this SUV.

Mitsubishi EVO SUV rear

Mitsubishi EVO SUV: Price & Release Date

There are many rumors about the initial price of Mitsubishi EVO SUV, because company itself has not yet announced the cost of this vehicle. But, in many Press Releases it has been concluded that base price of this EVO SUV will start from $30,000. It will also come to New York Auto Show 2016.

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