Luxury Cars Graveyard

Dubai is home to some of the most some luxurious and extravagant cars in the world. It is a custom to see diamond covered luxury cars on this great city, where owning a Porsche 911 labels you a low-class resident. But do you know what happens to these cars when the owners decide to flee the country, may be due to embezzlement? Most people, especially expats tend to dump their luxury cars at the airports as they escape fearing arrest for being broke in the city. Subsequently, most local airport’s car parks have been turned to luxury cars graveyard. The following is close look at why people abandon their luxury cars in Dubai.

Abandon Luxury Car

The Economic Meltdown:

Dubai was doing very well economically until 2009, when the stock market crashed. This changed things for dozens of people including the aristocratic Dubai residents. It was very easy to get financed before the stock market crash. Most people who had loans decided to flee the country because under Sharia law, one can be imprisoned for missing a payment and after a check bounces. The country tried to prevent people with unpaid debt from leaving the country, leaving potential loan defaulters with an option of fleeing the country before landing on the wrong side of the law.

Abandon Cars

Desire to be Equal:

United Arab Emirates residents have a high preference for the greatest and latest high-end super cars. Newly wealthy expats in Dubai are often tempted to buy the latest German and Italian machines to complement their luxurious lifestyles. However, a good number of them including locals face hard economic times. With huge loans to pay, it makes more sense for panicked car owners to leave their cars and flee the country.

Luxury Cars Graveyard

Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW are some of the most commonly at the Dubai International Airport’s car park. For instance, there was a 1.5 million dollars Ferrari Enzo that was abandoned. Some of these cars are left with apology notes, loan documents and keys in the ignition.

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