Kia Rio 2017 review, hatchback

Kia Rio is a vehicle known for its affordability, versatility and great fuel economy. With qualities as good as these, this hatchback has been becoming increasingly popular with the release of every new model. In near future, Kia is going to treat the fans of this vehicle with launch of a new model, Kia Rio 2017. Reveal of this upcoming model will probably be done at Paris Motor Show. This upcoming model is specifically designed for people with limited budget. Three trim levels will be offered to be particular requirements of customers.

Kia Rio 2017

Kia Rio 2017: A lot of New Features

Entire exterior of this car will have a better aerodynamic design, which should give this vehicle a better visual appearance. With front fascia being redesigned, a more appealing look is expected, as compared to its predecessor.

Smaller grill section will be available and headlights will come with LED technology and shall be placed at corners of the bonnet. The band logo will also appear on bonnet. Front bumpers will come with fog lamps while both suspension system and chassis shall be unchanged.

Interior Features:

  • Interiors of Kia Rio 2017 could be best described as aesthetic, convenient and full of high-end technology. Being more spacious that current model, there will be more leg space and head space in the cabin for passengers.
  • This vehicle will be released mainly in three variants, namely SX, EX and LX. The look near about the same, but differ mainly in terms of interior features. Chances of Kia releasing a hatchback variant is quite high and it should do quite well considering current market trend.
  • Modifications given to dashboard of Kia Rio 2017 make it appear quite modern. It will come with chrome accents and will have four air vents. Important systems like Bluetooth, audio player, touch screen, speakers, climate control and navigation system will be included in infotainment system. This vehicle will also have a better Eco Package that will feature Start/ Stop technology.

Kia Rio 2017 interior

Kia Rio 2017: Engine Specification

There will be a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine under the hood of this vehicle. This engine can generate 138 HP along with a maximum torque of 123 lb ft. It will be mated with six speed manual or auto-manual transmission. As far as fuel economy is concerned, Kia Rio 2017 will have mileage of 28 mpg on city roads and 38 mpg for highway drive. As this upcoming model is lighter than current model, fuel economy is also supposed to be better. Availability of an active Eco Model should also result in better engine performance.

Kia Rio 2017 rear

Kia Rio 2017: Competition, Price and Release Date

Kia Motors upcoming hatchback will mainly compete against the likes of Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent and Toyota Yaris. Base price of Kia Rio 2017 shall be around $15,000, while price of other trims, EX and SX, could be as much as $21,500. It will be releasing in third quarter of the year 2016. By the end of that year, this car will be available all major auto markets like USA, Canada and Asia.

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