Honda City 2017 price

Honda City is one of the most popular offerings from Honda. Honda first launched these models in 1981 and in last 3 decades, it has been upgraded several times. Each time, it comes with more fascinating features and better luxury. The present model which is available in the market is 6th generation of Honda city. Upcoming Honda City 2017 will be the 7th generation of this largely popular mid-size sedan which is one of the big names among luxury cars. For this new edition,focus will on appearance, features as well as performance. So, what consumers can expect is that an already amazing car is about to become better.

Honda City 2017

Honda City 2017: Changes and Upgrades in Design

The design of Honda City 2017 is sure to see some changes, and since it is an all new generation, it would not be startling if the changes are something too major. This car is going to grow in dimension and as such there’ll be more space available inside the car. Front end of the car will be receiving major alterations which include a three bar chrome strip grille; the bumper has two minor round shaped lights on either side.

As for the headlights and tail lights, they are all being revamped with a use of latest lighting tech that comes with best performance even in foul weather. A little spoiler will be visible towards the rear end that adds a bit of funk to the car’s overall look.

Also, this model is going to come with all new alloy wheels which perfectly compliment the appearance of the car. It’s going to score full grades in terms visual appeal. High performance shall be guaranteed by diesel and gasoline engine and as for the American market, more engine options shall be available.

Safety features like stability control, anti-lock brake, sensors, cameras, three-row curtains and more shall be incorporated in the car.

Comfort Factors:

Honda City 2017 is meant to accommodate 5 adult passengers comfortably in 2 rows. Honda has however been tight-lipped about the changes in equipment which are being introduced inside the cabin. The rumors are that some special features might be on offer which shall be revealed by company when they deem it to be the right time.

However, some basic info which is still available is that upholstery comprises expensive leather that offers superior comfort and luxury to riders. Instrument panel is certainly being upgraded with features like navigation, climate control, touchscreen display, speakers, audio systems.

Honda City 2017 interior

Honda City 2017: Performance

There’ll be a 1.5 liter i-DTEC 4-cylinder engine producing 154 Hp with 118 lb-ft of torque. That’s one engine option for Honda City 2017. All other engines will only be available in American Market. The 1.5 liter unit shall be paired with 5-spedd manual transmission. It can reach from 0 to 62 mph in less than 10 seconds, with a highest speed of 118 mph. The fuel economy is expected to be decent.

Honda City 2017 rear

Honda City 2017: Release Date and Price:

Honda City 2017 will be available with dealers by early 2017. Exact pricing of the model is not known for sure yet but it will be somewhere between $27,000 and $35,000.

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