Acura Precision Concept review

According to a number of reports, the Acura Precision Concept will present as longer and bigger than the likes of the Acura RLX, TLX, and ILX. Additionally, there are industry experts and insiders that contend that there will be some cool changes that will surface in this future sedan. Some changes are said to include a body that will use precision crafted efficiency that will allow it to present to consumers as attractive and unique. What is known, as well as speculated, about the future vehicle will be discussed below.

Acura Precision Concept front

Acura Precision Concept: Drivetrain Configuration

As of yet, the automaker has not revealed what ill garner the power for the Acura Precision Concept. According to industry experts, given that the hood is fairly long, there are an unlimited number of options that would be available in regards to a power train. Should you believe industry rumors, the power may derive from a twin-turbo, 500 hp V6 engine. This, if accurate, would more than likely be the base power unit option presented to automotive buyers.

Acura Precision Concept rear

Acura Precision Concept: Unique Feature

Per reports stemming from unofficial automotive websites, the exterior of the vehicle will present with an impressive futuristic look. The front end will offset the aggressive standard of the Acura line-up due to its large, sharp grille that is being referred to as a “diamond pentagon grille”. Additionally, consumers will take note of the squinty headlights that are equipped with LED technology and stretch to the wheel arches. The apron and the engine hood feature sharp folds that allow for the loss of the Acura beak and properly represent the automaker’s current design language. As far as the rear of the vehicle, there will be a pair of slim tail lights that have been incorporated into the fenders. Also, there will be more toned down edges of the fascia. The bumper will be sporty featuring sharper hints that will feature large exhaust outlets. It does need to be noted that the Acura Precision Concept will have a wheelbase that is two inches longer than that of the Infiniti Q70 and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

As far of the interior of the forthcoming vehicle will present as enhanced, mostly due to its futuristic design. The designs are said to differ from a double layer dashboard to rear seats that have been described as “wandering”. It is unsure if the automaker will place a tablet-style touchscreen for the vehicle’s infotainment system. With that being said, there are a number of rumors proclaiming that such a device will appear to drift just above the guiding wheel column. Virtually every surface within the cabin will find itself encased in leather, with varied colors for varied aspects. For instance, the dash may be wrapped in white, while the upper dash will adorn a reddish shade of brown. Additionally, the interior of this Acura will be brimming with a great deal of premium quality.

Acura Precision Concept side

Acura Precision Concept: Release Date and Price

At this time, the automaker has not announced the release date information for the Acura Precision Concept vehicle. There are a handful of rumors that claim that the vehicle will be a 2017 model year offering and will become available by the close of next year. Do note that there has been no indication as to what the base pricing will be either. As we move closer to the end of the year, it is certain that the automaker will begin to release more specified information pertaining to the future vehicle.

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