2017 VW Touran review, usa

Cars for four passengers always get luxury interiors. Several companies are providing luxury vehicles with good seating capacity. It is believed that Volkswagen is one of the most prominent manufacturers providing the best cars for family use. Recently, the VW has announced to restyle the Touran. This series was started with a basic aim to provide comfort and luxury in a combined facility. This manufacturer will bring 2017 VW Touran in an updated form. It will include several technologies in order to make it more appreciable.

2017 VW Touran front

2017 VW Touran: Design, Features and Specs

Designing aspects of the new luxury 2017 VW Touran car are typically VW based. This company is investing more attention to create an ideal structure that promotes performance and speed. In order to enhance the speed and performance of this luxury model, VW will use aluminum with steel. This will ensure high quality and durability.

Exterior designing is according to the latest trends. Company has tried to create something more attractive for the customers. It is expected that new Touran will come with several modifications. There are high chances that VW will change the bonnet, grille, front lights, taillights, bumpers and aerodynamics. Grille is more stretched with horizontal openings. A fascinating design has been created this time to make front more prominent. The headlights and indicators are enclosed in a rectangular glass box with LED technology. Taillights also have LED technology. Bonnet of the luxury car has several upraised margins making a new shape. Bumper has received more attention. Tires are 17 inches with quality aluminum alloy rims.

Interior designing makes the 2017 Volkswagen Touran vehicle more attractive. There is a modern power steering equipped with specialized buttons. Dashboard has different structures and gadgets including the speedometers, fuel meters, HD display (7 inches) with Touch Screen option, weather updates, navigation, satellite radio, climate control and other options. The vehicle contains special ports for USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Smartphone charger and Google maps.

2017 VW Touran interior

2017 VW Touran: Engine and Fuel Economy

Experts believe that 2017 VW Touran will come with gasoline as well as diesel engines. Base engine will be 1.4 liters with 4 cylinders. It will be a Turbocharged engine to produce 110 hp with 180 lb ft torque. DSG dual clutch 6-speed as well as 7-speed transmissions are present for the all wheel drive. More engine setups are expected in future for this minivan.

The will 2017 Volkswagen Touran give an average of 33 miles per gallon in cities. Highway mileage will be 37 miles per gallon.

2017 VW Touran side


2017 VW Touran: Release Date and Price

There is no confirmed price information about the 2017 VW Touran minivan. However, it is expected that VW will keep it higher than the last model around $23,000. This vehicle will get a display in the markets after December 2016 in USA and Canada.

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