2017 VW Tiguan XL price, release date

Volkswagen is going to surprise you all for the following two years since they have planned to modify many of their popular cars. These include many crossovers including the seven seating capacity car known as Tiguan XL. Yes, 2017 VW Tiguan XL is going to turn into its second generation this time. For the time being, VW has decided to launch in only in China and USA. In all probability, they want the feedback of this facelift and then decide whether they will launch it in rest of the places of the world.

2017 VW Tiguan XL

2017 VW Tiguan XL: Exterior and Interior Redesign

Sources reveal that this car is being facelifted in the workshop of Puebla which is situated in Mexico. One thing must be mentioned is that this car will not be much different from Tiguan except the seating capacity. Since 2017 VW Tiguan XL has got more seats, hence this will have wider doors for rear segment and window panes will be larger as well.

As far as appearance is concerned, XL might have better outlook since this is an exclusive version and people who buy it expect more for paying more. The car looks very smart and has got an SUV-like feel in it. It can withstand much pressure and is a hardy car which can be found out from the outcome of its endurance tests.


Headlights are very trendy and wider. They are of LED make which lasts for a longer period of time with least maintenance. Each of the headlight boxes has got a chain of LED underlying. Small portion grille is installed in between the headlights and a large portion of that is present in an entire section of front bumper. There are two fog lamps in two corners of front bumper which are of rectangular shape. These lights are very helpful in case of foggy days and nights when clear vision becomes a problem.

Build quality:

In order to have a smooth and tension free ride, you need to have a clear vision. Four wide 19 inches wheels are installed in this car with five paired spokes in each wheel. Interior planetary is not an issue for this car since dimension is being increased this time in terms of length. Most of the essential technical consoles will be installed in it such as Bluetooth, touch screen, audio system, navigation, cruise control, climate control, etc.

2017 VW Tiguan XL: Drivetrain Configuration

Under the under of 2017 VW Tiguan XL, you will be getting a 2.0-liter engine with TSI technology running on petrol. There will also be a diesel variant with 2.0-liter engine a TDI technology. Power ratings of these engines have not yet been received. According to the brand, China will be one of the most significant and leading sellers of 2017 VW Tiguan XL.

2017 VW Tiguan XL: Price and Release Date

The company is being very quiet about release date and price of this particular car because they are expecting many changes with time which can vary price. So 2017 VW Tiguan XL is supposed to reach the market by the beginning of next year and price will be revealed soon.

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