2017 VW CC redesign

The 2017 VW CC will have many changes that will enhance its stability, which its previous models lacked. Though 2016 VW CC was a near perfect model, it lacked a few fine tunings. With this new model Volkswagen would look to overcome all its drawbacks received from customer’s feedback. It was back in 2010-11 that Volkswagen had last redesign their CC series cars. Though there are only a few problems with these present models, engineers would look to create a vehicle for which critics would have no remarks.  Volkswagen CC series was launched as a replacement of VW Passat, and so far this series has never disappointed its fans. Year after year the VW CC series has grown more and more popular and production rates are at their current best.

2017 VW CC


2017 VW CC: Engine Specs

The exact fuel capacity of new 2017 VW CC is not known. But it is being rumored that this new engine will generate power of about 374 HP. Acceleration is going to be quite fast in this latest model. A speed of 60 miles per hour would be reachable from 0 mph in just five seconds.

There is also a chance of having two engines, one which would be a petrol variant and other one will be an electrical unit. The electrical drivetrain is expected to retain its charge up to 750 miles if not more and would have a capacity of acquire a speed of 32 miles per gallon.

No news on fuel economy has been collected as of now. But Volkswagen engineers never disappoint their fans with low fuel-efficient engines therefore one can expect high fuel efficiency rates. Carbon emission will be very less and hence it will not cause much pollution.

2017 VW CC side

2017 VW CC: New Design

The 2017 VW CC is going to be built on a new platform hence many significant changes be expected for this new model.

  • Wheelbase is going to be more prolonged than what its previous versions offered.
  • New VW CC car is more spacious which will allow passengers to get more air and equally feel more comfortable.
  • The new model will be 191.6 inches in length which is about 10 inches longer than the present model. Wheelbase is expected to have 118.8 inches length.
  • New car is going to have more room in its rear section hence head space will be more for passengers seated in the rear seats than those in front row.

2017 VW CC interior

2017 VW CC: Release Date and Price

According to various speculations, it is expected that VW CC 2017 would be launched by the beginning of 2017. But still it’s almost one year and a lot is going to change so release date might be postponed for a few weeks. The 2017 VW CC will have a higher price range than its forerunners. With the use of wonderful technologies and superior specs, fans can expect the base models to be priced in between $23,500-$25,000. Higher trim levels are expected to have a starting price of $44,000.

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