2017 VW Amarok new, redesign

Heavy duty trucks provide special power options and technologies. Several interesting pickups/trucks have been launched by the manufacturers. VW is providing special opportunities to the users who need a good quality pickup for the heavy duty drive. Amarok is one of the most interesting trucks launched by the Volkswagen. This truck was upgraded each year according to the special requirements. The new form will be 2017 VW Amarok with latest modifications. VW will try to maintain the increasing technical demands with the help of special technologies.

2017 VW Amarok front

2017 VW Amarok: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Design for the new 2017 VW Amarok pickup has been prepared and finalized. VW has decided to create multiple changes in the structure. The platform will remain the same. Company is interested to deal with a light weight structure in order to increase the running performance without pressurizing the engines.

Exterior designing resembles with a fine heavy duty option. Company has finalized the appearance of structure and body. The front view will get more changes. VW is interested to install an iron structure in front of bumpers. The grille of this truck has three sections with downward shape. This grille has large openings. Headlights will get a new glass box with indicators. Both lights are LED based for the improved night vision. The tires are muscular and powerful (19 inches) with a different alloy rim. Company has installed improved shocks for the vehicle. This will maintain a special typical look. Cargo space is wide with an iron rod structure.

2017 VW Amarok interior

Interior adjustments are very critical. VW will give more time to the luxury settings. There are numerous things introduced for the first time in this 2017 VW Amarok pickup. Interior driving cabin is spacious and luxury. It is fit for the 5 passengers. Seating arrangement is adjustable with leather upholstery. Power steering, two speedometers, fuel meters, a new gearbox, climate control, weather updates, satellite radio, cruise control and safety alarms are included. Information about the HD display, speakers and sound systems is not available yet. Experts believe that VW will install the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Smartphone connectivity and GPS.

2017 VW Amarok: Engine and Fuel Economy

VW has not announced the engine details. It is expected that 2017 Amarok will come with gasoline as well as diesel engines. No update about the hybrid engines and electric motors is available.

It is difficult to predict the fuel consumption efficiency of the 2017 VW Amarok. This will be updated after getting full details about the engines and power options.

2017 VW Amarok rear

2017 VW Amarok: Release Date and Price

Volkswagen will bring this vehicle in the markets in early 2017. The 2017 VW Amarok is expected to appear in different countries such as USA, UK, Canada and China. No exact details about the initial cost of this truck are available. The 2017 VW Amarok will face strong competition in the markets. Toyota Tacoma, GMC Sierra and Ram 1500 will be the competitors for this truck. VW will utilize special safety options such as belts, safety alarms, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft alarms, dual locks and rearview camera.


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