2017 Volvo S80 price, interior

Volvo has two cars which will go out in 2017. One is the S90 model and the other is the new 2017 Volvo S80. It is actually known for the lavishness and comfort. This car actually has the best Wi-Fi connection as it will be supported by EDGE 4G connection. Nevertheless, the new software cum technology which has been introduced is the auto parking assist. This technology actually enables a person to park the car in a parking lot without any manual assistance. On June 2017, Volvo presented the car to their audience at the Paris Motor Show in France. There was a huge turn up making the event successful. It has sensor chips which are installed on the dashboard. This facility is not available in many high rated cars but Volvo has made it available in S80. Now, let’s see what its unique features are.

2017 Volvo S80 front

2017 Volvo S80: Design and Technology

One of the key things which have been used in this 2017 Volvo S80 car is carbon fibres. For engine, chassis, body, seat etc. carbon fibre is used. Chassis has been designed similar to that of the Volvo S90. Some of the materials which have been used to build it are aluminium and carbon fibres. The use of aluminium ensures this car to of light weight.

Thus, it will be easy to turn and suspension due to jerking will also be reduced. Colours which are used to paint it is metallic colours. This makes this car looks bright and shining. This colour does not get any harm due to rain or dust particles. It has touch detecting sensors installed in the body which makes noise while someone touches or comes in contact with this car.

People can get through many things once they get a device and internet connection. Volvo S80 with their awesome engineers is providing the best possible internet to those who will be present inside the car for free. This internet will be provided from their server. Besides that, it has an LED screen to watch online videos and matches.

2017 Volvo S80 interior

2017 Volvo S80: Engine Specs

Under the hood, Volvo has been providing a 2.0 litre turbocharged inline-4 engine. This engine will be providing a total hp of 240 and a maximum torque of 258 lb-ft. Engine installed now has a provident efficiency of less fuel consumption. It is decided that 2017 Volvo S80 will receive a seven-speed automatic transmission with 8-speed gearbox. It is rated to provide a mileage of 25 mpg on straight roads and 37 mpg on highways. It also has carbon filters attached to exhaust pipes.

2017 Volvo S80 rear

2017 Volvo S80: Price

The 2017 Volvo S80 will be priced in the range of $44,500 to $53,000. And will be available by September 2017.

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