2017 Toyota Yaris concept, hybrid

Toyota has come up with a brilliant idea to bring out one of their best compact hybrids, Toyota Yaris in a redesigned avatar under the banner of 2017 Toyota Yaris. This latest 2017 version cannot be just called a revamped or a face lifted version of the previous Yaris. A major number of changes have been given to this car and it can qualify as being from a different league altogether as a standalone release. The best and highest quality of materials will be used in its construction and the levels of acoustics used will improve manifold. This brand new 2017 Yaris is now set to be developed in Europe. This miniature compact car is ready to attract customers with its powerful new design and lots of improvements.

2017 Toyota Yaris

2017 Toyota Yaris: Redesign Interior and Exterior

A reflection of the model of new Aygo will be prominently seen in this brand new avatar of 2017 Toyota Yaris. But this miniature car is set to get a wholly redesigned and revamped body design. In the front end of this vehicle, we will get to behold the beauty of a futuristic looking nose grille design. This grille design will have a large air intake, enough to make it look very attractive.

This air intake vent will serve as a passage for cool air to pass and lower the heat of the engine thus solving many heating problems. The grille design along with the air intake vent will serve to give rise to a design, the formation of which will resemble capital “X”. Head and rear lamps will also receive some touch of vast redesigning and will now be powered by LED lighting technology in order to provide better and clear visibility. The rear bumper follows the cue of the front end’s cool designing and will also be looking equally attractive if not more.

2017 Toyota Yaris side

Interior of 2017 Toyota Yaris has also received its fair share of redesigning and refreshment. Quality of materials used in the making of various items in the cabin has been raised and thus has raised the bar of comparison and challenges. Plastic, which was a main ingredient or aspect of interior designing in the past models of Yaris has now been completely discarded. In its place, we will now get to see leather and metal trims coming to the lime light.

A new instrument cluster has been installed which has a futuristic design, which firmly states the intentions of the manufacturers to carry this design on forward. The steering wheel is a lot better equipped as it now has power functions and steering mounted controls. Seats are very comfortable to sit upon and now come wrapped in leather upholstery. As for infotainment system, a 7-inch touchscreen has been provided which is paired up with a modern audio system and navigation system.

2017 Toyota Yaris interior

2017 Toyota Yaris: Power Factor, Cost and Availability

Powering this 2017 Toyota Yaris will be:

  • A 1.3L dual VVT petrol unit with 97 hp
  • A 1.5L inline-4 unit with 106 hp

Transmission to be used is yet to be announced.

2017 Toyota Yaris is expected to debut by latter half of 2017 and its price tag is estimated to range within $15,000-$17,000 which is quite reasonable for such a car.

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