2017 Toyota Venza review, price

For many years now Toyota has always surprised people with each car, and almost every car released by the company has been a roaring success in the market. The cars built by Toyota are very sturdy and stylish, clearly, they are made to impress and last for a long time to come. Experts have already suggested that the 2017 Toyota Venza is all set to outsell its competitors in the market by a large margin. Any car lover would simply go all out to own this masterpiece.

2017 Toyota Venza front

2017 Toyota Venza: Exterior and Interior Design

The 2017 Toyota Venza is complete with a chrome grille that gives the car’s appearance a lot of class. The car has a very elegant size and that too without compromising on the functionality. It has a sporty look, all thanks to the redesigned bumper and xenon headlamps. The roof is Panoramic which is something new in the car.

The 2017 Toyota Venza is a complete car in every way which means that not only does it look good from the outside but the interiors of the car are just as impressive. There is no doubt that the inside of the car is very comfortable as the cabin is very spacious to accommodate at least five passengers without being cramped. The seats in the front are heated, the material used to make the upholstery is top notch and is quite easy to maintain and clean using special sprays and napkins.

The photos used for the promos show that the car has a touch technology screen that measures 6.1 inches that will facilitate many different activities. A user will have access to controls for navigation, radio, climate control and audio functions. The car will also have Bluetooth technology in it. 2017 Toyota Venza is a car to look forward to in 2017. The driver will also have access to a 3.5 inches touch screen where all information regarding the car can be found. Some of the security features of the 2017 Toyota Venza are controls for electronic stability, emergency brake, anti-lock brakes and seven airbags.

2017 Toyota Venza interior

2017 Toyota Venza: Engine Specification

The car is said to have a four cylinder engine with a 2.7-liter and an output of 181 hp. The torque is 182lbs. The other option is a four cylinder engine with 3.5-liter and an output of 268 hp and a torque of 246 pounds. These are all estimated figures as the details of the engine have not been revealed. Both engines are compatible with automatic transmission.

2017 Toyota Venza rear

2017 Toyota Venza: Release Date and Price

It is rumored that the Toyota Venza 2017 will be put out for sale in the latter end of 2017. However, the release date may be different from location to location. The price of the car is said to be about $30,000 (rough figure as the official figure has not been released). The features of the car are pretty impressive and there is no doubt that people are looking forward to driving this lovely car. Even if the car is priced a bit higher than the estimated price it is still worth the money.

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