2017 Toyota Avalon price, hybrid

The 2017 Toyota Avalon is expected to be released with a whole new set of changes and is expected to be unveiled as one of the most advanced and modern cars in its class. This 2017 release is a revamped version of the hugely successful 2016 one and changes in interior and exterior will see to it that the success is continued. The external look of this sedan is all about being modern and cool.

Performance of this latest Avalon has also been taken care of and it seems that this is one of the best performing cars in its class. A hybrid variant is also in the rumours which make things even more exciting. Hybrid cars are in quiet good demand in the market due to their low maintenance cost, low consumption of fuel and lesser pollution and surely, Avalon could do much better with a hybrid version.

2017 Toyota Avalon

2017 Toyota Avalon: Changes on the Exterior and Interior

Entire dimensions of this brand new 2017 model of Avalon will be changed. It is being expected that it will be larger than its predecessor. Also, inside moles report that a new platform is also under scrutiny and might probably get a green signal which is quite good news. New Avalon with a new platform will be beyond comparison.

Added to that, the manufactures have equipped this new 2017 Toyota Avalon with many new and exciting features which will catch the customers by surprise. Design on the body is superbly efficient and sharp. Together with high quality materials used in the construction, entire body of 2017 Avalon looks very fresh.

The entire automobile market is filled with a variety of cars in each segment which are equally attractive in their own right.  In such a situation making something new is a Herculean task and is near impossible. But the designers and engineers at Toyota are relentless and always come up with something out of the box.

It is expected that a big mesh grille will be provided along with new LED powered head lamps and fog lamps up in front. New 2017 Avalon will be riding on either 18 or 19 inch wheels and will come with body coloured door handles. At the rear end there will be redesigned LED powered tail lamps and twin exhaust made of chrome.

Not much is yet known regarding interior design of 2017 Toyota Avalon. The few things that can be said are that it will be coming with a 6-inch touch screen panel which has Bluetooth connectivity and houses the infotainment system. It will have navigation assist and cruise control along with a JBL sound system backed by 8 speakers. Upholstery has been upgraded and so have been safety and security features.

2017 Toyota Avalon interior

2017 Toyota Avalon: Engine Power

2017 Toyota Avalon is powered by a 3.5 L six-cylinder unit that produces 268 HP. Another engine option is 2.5-liter inline-4 hybrid unit with 200 HP. A six speed automatic transmission will be provided which is very fuel efficient.

2017 Toyota Avalon rear

2017 Toyota Avalon: Release Date and Price

It is expected that 2017 Toyota Avalon will hit markets by early 2017 with a starting price of $33,500.

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