2017 Tesla Model X price, review

Since childhood, almost everyone had fantasized of affording a car with Falcon Wing type doors that would simply move upwards and not outside. Well, did you know that sometimes dreams come true? And companies like Tesla make that possible. Model X of this brand is one such car that has got Falcon Wing type doors. This car is under facelift at present where it is being made more awesome than it is already and will be released in the market as 2017 Tesla Model X. This facelift will modify few essential aspects of performance parameters as well as some technological consoles and hardware parts.

2017 Tesla Model X front

2017 Tesla Model X: Appearance

As far as appearance is concerned, 2017 Tesla Model X looks a lot like Model S from the front view. This is because the grille portion and fascia matches with that of Model S. front grille portion lies mainly in the bottom center of the front bumper. Just below the bonnet, there is a very narrow slit which hardly works as a grille. Headlights are sleeker than that of Model S and are LED make. LEDs have replaced all forms of traditional lights because LEDs last for a longer period of time with least maintenance and are economical too. There are two small fog lamps too in two corners of the front bumper.

Ground clearance is standard in this car; still, care must be taken if this car is used for off road drive. Standard quality alloy wheels of 18 inches have been installed in this car. The main attraction of appearance is its Falcon Wings type doors. The passengers who will be seating in the rear section can get in and out of this car with the help of this super stylish Falcon Wings type which spectators would simply stare in amazement.

Since Model X is an electric car, engine specification mainly depends on the nature of battery and charging technology. In all probability, seventeen speakers in total are fitted inside this car as a part of an audio system. This is a three-row seat car which has room for passengers as well as luggage.

Model X will feature consoles like Bluetooth, navigation, automatic climate control, heated seats, audio system, touch screen for interactive interaction, etc. there will be safety features such as ABS, lane assistance, dual air bag, rear view camera, stability control, etc.

2017 Tesla Model X interior

2017 Tesla Model X: Powertrain

As far as performance of 2017 Tesla Model X is concerned, this car takes around 3.3 seconds of time to reach 60 mph from 0. Top speed of Model X has been rated at 155 mph. This all wheel drive car has a range of 250 miles on a single full charge of battery. Power produced by the engine of this car is up to 532 hp. Fuel rating of new Model X is 89 mpg.

2017 Tesla Model X rear

2017 Tesla Model X: Price

The 2017 Tesla Model X has been fixed with a price of around $81,200 for the base version. This price will increase depending on the feature and trim chosen which is obvious.

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