2017 Scion FRS changes, news

The Scion FRS or Toyota GT85 or Subaru BRZ whatever be the name. These are just different names for one two door sedan. This vehicle is already quite popular and slowly taking over its segment. However what makes it special is its breathtaking design and amazing performance. Apparently it has been listed over convertibles in terms of styling and performance and its specs reveal that this sporty sedan is worthy of its position. The 2017 Scion FRS will come with some important changes will look edgier and more aggressive. 

Keeping in mind the fact that this vehicle is relatively new to the market and is already doing exceedingly well, it could be understood that FRS is nicely meeting the current demands of the market. More & more people are getting their pocket-friendly RWD sports car home.

2017 Scion FRS

2017 Scion FRS: Drivetrain

The 2017 Scion FRS comes with a considerably decent engine. It is basically a four barrel 2.0 L unit with a torque of 151 pounds per feet. It power output is around 200 HP. However, the good news is that the new variant is has got a higher output.

That is possible because the new variant is actually a hybrid and in association with its motor, it can easily generate up to 10 HP more. Therefore, this internal combustion capable unit will generate an overall output of 210 HP roughly. This engine will be paired with an eight-speed gearbox unit and is expected to be more efficient. It will be available in AWD option.

Mileage of 2017 Scion FRS has not varied much but due to the introduction of the hybrid unit some effective results have been achieved. Now this car is 15 per cent more fuel-efficient than it ever used to be and it ranges between 25 to 28 miles per gallon, depending on the type of path travelled.

2017 Scion FRS rear

2017 Scion FRS: Unique Feature

The 2017 Scion FRS’s new look has got an inherent sportiness to itself, and it serves well for the image of this car. What else is visible on it is the fact that it is based on those legendary Japanese sports cars like Mazda Mx-8 that are not in production anymore. It is also expected to come with an extended wheelbase of 4 inches which means that it will now be able to accommodate four people comfortably.

Some sources suggest that there is a possibility of additional doors, but that seems too ridiculous to anyone who appreciates Scion FRS’s unique design. Other than that there are new headlights, fenders and fog lamps as well.

There aren’t many changes that the interiors of 2017 Scion FRS offer. It is as luxurious and as comfortable it used to be. However, some new features have been added that help in more cautious and better driving. Other than that this sedan offers heated seats, audio units, air conditioning and a lot more.

2017 Scion FRS interior

2017 Scion FRS: Price and Release Date

It has been mentioned earlier that the 2017 Scion FRS’s popularity is partly owed to its extremely reasonable & affordable price tag. As the current figures suggest, base variants start at a showroom price of $26k and the price ascends as the number of accessories offered increase. The higher end variants in the FRS line up will be available for $35k & 45k respectively. It will be unveiled in the Famous Auto Shows soon.

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