2017 Range Rover Sport release date, price

Introduced in the market about two years ago, the Range Rover Sport is about to go through some major modifications. The prototype of 2017 Range Rover Sport was spotted in Germany during its test run, and that revealed quite a lot about this new model. Firstly, it is very clear that this new variant’s design is very appealing. To add to that it also has some unique features to offer. However, there will be no engine upgrades. Considering the fact that this car already delivers a pretty power packed performance, it looks like the 2017 variant has got it all. It will be available in multiple variants, and a lot of choices can be made.

2017 Range Rover Sport

2017 Range Rover Sport: Engine Specifications

There won’t be many changes in terms of the engine for 2017 Range Rover Sport, so it is better to know more about the existing units.  Firstly these engines are being offered in both petrol & diesel variants. Secondly, there are as well options in terms of specs. The diesel variant is likely to feature a brand new TD6 V6 turbo unit of 3.0 L.

This engine generates a torque of 439 pounds perfect and has a power output of 254 HP. Compared to it the other variant is more powerful and comes with a similar V6 unit that is supercharged and generates up to 380 HP.

2017 Range Rover Sport rear

2017 Range Rover Sport: Redesign New Look

As it has been mentioned earlier, 2017 Range Rover Sport will come with some pretty radical and useful changes. Official information is not yet available, but spy shots tell a lot. First & foremost, this new variant will come with a redesigned grill which will be made of carbon fibre. New bumpers and a modified top are as well included in this year’s facelift. Some minor changes like new headlights and hood extension are included as well.

The rest of the upgrades for this year’s model are restricted to its interiors. It is already considered as one of the most comfortable and luxurious sports utility vehicle that is presently available in the market. Therefore, Land Rover has decided to focus on improving the features in its cabin, and some very useful and revolutionary work has been done by them.

The other great feature about this upcoming Rover is that it comes with the company’s custom made alert safety system called the In Control Protect System. This system can self-activate the safety measures if it senses any danger. Other than that there is remote sensing and off-road features such as terrain progress and steep drive are also a part of the upgrade.

2017 Range Rover Sport interior

2017 Range Rover Sport: Cost & Release Date

The 2017 Range Rover Sport is an Elite SUV with some elite features. Therefore, it goes without saying it will come for a cost on the higher end. Base variant will be available for around $66,000. However, the price will vary a lot with the higher end variants which will come for around a cost of $94,000. It is most probable that 2017 Range Rover Sport will hit the showrooms by the end of this year. However due to the fact that there have been no confirmations yet, it could get delayed and finally be released by the end of 2017.

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