2017 Ram Rampage interior, truck

The Ram was first introduced into the automotive market late into the decade of the 1980’s and has been a consistent presence ever since. With the 2017 Ram Rampage, it has been said that the automaker is hoping to take full advantage of the expertise and knowledge of Fiat in regards to the small truck segment. This will allow for Ram’s product base to be expanded upon while the Rampage presents to consumers as a unitized vehicle with the option of either all-wheel drive or four wheel drive. According to a wide variety of reports on unofficial automotive websites, the new offering of the compact pickup truck 2017 Ram Rampage will also be available in a four door version.

2017 Ram Rampage front

2017 Ram Rampage: Engine Specs

The power under the hood of the new 2017 Ram Rampage will come from a duo of power train options. One of which is the bestseller within South America is the turbo charged 1.4 liter engine that is able to deliver 110 horsepower. The next engine option is that of a fur cylinder 2.4 liter unit that is capable of a maximum output of 180 horsepower and 200 pounds per feet of torque. More than likely, the engine that will make its way into vehicles headed for the United States will be the four cylinder 2.4 liter. This unit will find itself intelligently mated with either a manual six speed gearbox or an automatic nine speed transmission. Both of the engines are naturally aspirated, while the automaker is looking to improve upon their fuel economy ratings for the forthcoming model year.

The lightweight nature of the vehicle in conjunction with engine size will definitively contribute to the enhancement of the 2017 Ram Rampage fuel economy. This sturdy compact pickup truck is able to achieve 18 miles per gallon in the city and 27.5 miles per gallon on the highway. The smaller engine options also help to reduce the vehicles emissions of carbon dioxide.

2017 Ram Rampage interior

2017 Ram Rampage: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The latest model of the Rampage is said to be taking after the Fiat Strada, which has being doing quite well in Mexico, South America and in Europe. This is a compact vehicle that is said to be presenting to consumers in either a roomier and ore functional four door or conventional two door model. It will retain its recognizable unitary body due to the fact that it lends a great deal to its ease of control, safety as well as flexibility. The exterior will continue to exhibit a multitude of qualities that are characteristically Rampage. 2017 Ram Rampage will feature the automaker’s new generation grille while the cargo bed remains expressly functional. The headlights are best described as chic and complement the tail lights that are equipped with LED technology.

The interior of 2017 Ram Rampage will more than likely showcase each aspect of Ram’s meticulous finishing as well as attention to detail. Therefore, consumers should expect all finishes to be done in an extremely high quality of materials while being combined with quality fabric upholstery and leather. There will also be an impeccable infotainment system nestled within the central console. The system will also serve as a measure of enhancing connection applications, controls as well as seamless navigation.

2017 Ram Rampage side

2017 Ram Rampage: Release Date and Price

The 2017 Ram Rampage will launch in the final quarter of next year and will cary a base price of $ 27 000.

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