2017 Porsche 906 review, price

There are cars, there are supercars, and then there is 2017 Porsche 906. What has been done is theoretically brilliant. Engineers at Porsche have derived 906’s design from the concept of the 918 hyper-car & the 911 mega car. The result is a marvellous looking car which resembles the classic Cayman in many aspects. However, this model is larger in terms of dimensions and will come with a more powerful engine than ever before.  Other than a new wheelbase is expected which will make way for some body weight reduction as well. With all these enhancements, there will be an increment in its price as well.

2017 Porsche 906 front

2017 Porsche 906: Engine Specs

The intention is not to disappoint loyalist but it is true that Porsche supercars are relatively weaker compared to its contemporaries. In order to overcome this issue, Porsche has decided to give this vehicle an engine that could effectively help it to enhance its performance.

However, there is confusion regarding which engine will be chosen for 2017 Porsche 906 variant. As we have mentioned earlier, this car derives its specs from two other cars and its engine could as well resemble either of them. The first engine and the more probable is an eight barrel unit of 3.3 liter that is capable of generating a whopping output of 220 hp when combined with a 450 kW motor.

It will be expectedly mated with a seven-speed gear unit. To add to that, it will be offer in All Wheel Drive option and will have a top speed of 200 mph. Other than that a pickup of 0 to 60 mph can easily be attained in just a matter of 2.5 seconds. Fuel efficiency might increase as well.

The second most likely option is a V8 unit of 4.6 liter that is powerful enough to generate around 570 hp.  This unit will be combined with a twin clutch gearbox of similar type and will have features like multiple stage intakes.

2017 Porsche 906: Design Features

The 2017 Porsche 906 will look exactly the same as it did which means that there will be hardly any exterior changes. Most of the changes featured in this 2017 version will be dominated by the platform upgrade and special attention will be paid to make the most luxurious interiors possible.

The most striking feature about the platform upgrade is that this two-door coupe will be losing about 3000 pounds and in order to do so, it will be built with light weight yet highly durable materials like aluminium, titanium & graphite.

As far as the new cabin is concerned, it will be crafted with the best quality materials and the design would certainly be exotic. Fine leather upholstery and its technologically advanced dashboard make it, even more, appealing. Technological upgrades include features like climate control, infotainment system and a surround sound speaker system. Other than it also comes with all the safety features that a car could possibly have.

2017 Porsche 906 side

2017 Porsche 906: Cost & Availability

For now, the official figures aren’t available. Nevertheless, the possibility is that 2017 Porsche 906 will be available by the end of 2016, and the price will certainly be between $550,000 and $2,225,000.


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