2017 Nissan Quest release date, price

The 2017 Nissan Quest is the brand new minivan from this renowned automaker. This SUV is in its fourth edition. Quest model is prevailing in international markets since 25 years and is highly popular in its class. Good for a long trip, brand new and upgraded Quest has been offered some features which are hard to resist. Let us have a look! 

2017 Nissan Quest front

2017 Nissan Quest: Design and Features

A masculine look has been offered to this minivan as a result of which its features get aggressive and sharper. Fine aerodynamic lines will make its maneuverability easier. The outer covering is manufactured with carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum which makes it a light vehicle. Front windows, wing mirrors, headlights and front grilles have been given minor changes regarding looks, which makes this minivan even more attractive.

A spacious cabin so as to accommodate seven passengers is going to woo Nissan fanatics. Three rows, ample headspace, and legroom of 2017 Nissan Quest is something which the famed Japanese automaker is not going to compromise with. Even the third row will have easily accessible doors and windows. Infotainment system in the car will comprise of high-end technology and a DVD system of 11 inches screen which will make passengers enjoy long rides to every fullest.

2017 Nissan Quest interior

2017 Nissan Quest: Engine Specs

The power source is going to be extraordinary for this vehicle. There will be a V6 engine of 3.5-liter to produce a power of 260 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque will provide the necessary boost. New and improved “under the hood” parts is going to make this SUV a better performer than its predecessors. Even these machines are going to work quietly and smoothly. Four wheel drive will be a bonus. CVT engine and transmission will make this new model from Nissan and evidently valued car for SUV lovers.

It is being expected that new model will offer improved fuel efficiency; on highways- 27 mpg and city roads- 20 mpg.


Since the all-new Quest falls in SUV category, competition is going to be high. The following competitors can be expected as of now:

2017 Nissan Quest rear

2017 Nissan Quest: Release Date and Price

Nothing official has been stated by Nissan regarding this upgraded Nissan Quest 2017. But speculations are on the rise that base models will start from $28,000, and its high-end versions might cost $46,000. Hence it is quite clear that Nissan is not going to keep high-end prices as compared to its other competitors in the same category. Expected release date of the minivan is going to be late 2016. As per interior sources, the brand new 2017 Nissan Quest will be available in three trim levels. Nothing additional about these trims has been revealed by the manufacturer. These are (starting from the highest): Premium, SL, SV, and S.

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