2017 Nissan GTR Nismo, Price, Specs

2017 Nissan GTR will definitely blow you away. Its concept was recently released by the company. Stunning design will be accompanied by top class performance. Performance level would be much higher than any other sports car from Nissan available in the market at the moment. GTR from Nissan is a classic coupe with 2+2 seating arrangement. It comes in a two door body version.

It was introduced in 2007 and it’s running very successfully on a global scale. Production takes place in Tochigi, Japan. It was introduced as a successor to Nissan’s skyline GTR. Currently it’s in first generation of production, but in coming years one should expect to see significant design and engineering modifications. 2017 Nissan GTR is expected to be a breakthrough model as the company tries to ensure all shortcomings from previous models are overcome.

2017 Nissan GTR front

2017 Nissan GTR: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Based on exterior design, very few vehicles in the same price range would come even close to the 2017 Nissan GTR. Some leaked images and spy shots suggest Nissan will make some visible changes to the design.

Narrow LED lights will be extended upwards with an arrow like design. It will have an overall sporty design with big alloy wheel having a chrome accent. A narrow opening in the hood would be present as an air outlet. There would be plenty of other designing changes such as a newly design grille, larger bumper, etc. Rear section will also undergo major designing changes with a newly designed taillight. According to reports rear section will have two designs, namely the ‘EVO’ concept and ‘REVO’ concept. In the ‘EVO’ edition one would see GTR retain its massive four pipes exhaust system along with four circular taillights.

2017 Nissan GTR interior

Not much has yet been revealed regarding interior design of 2017 Nissan GTR. But since Nissan rarely neglects luxury and comfort, one would surely expect quite a glamorous design. Base model would also come with all necessary safety equipments like ABS (Antilock Brake System), traction control and multiple airbags. On top of central panel would be the LCD display screen, which would be a driver’s eye level. Seats would be made of soft materials and top class leather upholstery. Overall comfort level would be very high. More details regarding interior of 2017 Nissan GTR would be released soon.

2017 Nissan GTR side

2017 Nissan GTR: Engine Specs

2017 Nissan GTR is expected to improve highly on the performance section. It is expected that the top trim level would be able to pump out almost 600 HP of power, which is significantly more compared to the current 485 HP. Base model would be equipped with a 3.0 L V6 engine. There would also be an option for a 3.0 L V6 twin turbo diesel engine which would be able to churn out 550 HP of power. There is also a possibility of a hybrid engine. Most probably it would be released sometime in first quarter of 2017. Details regarding price have not been released as of yet, but it is expected to go up significantly.

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