2017 Mercedes E-Class release date, price

In the auto industry, Mercedes has been known as the company that produce one of the best cars. Vehicles produced by Mercedes are always made of high quality and the upcoming 2017 Mercedes E-Class is not going to be an exception. This car is coming with appealing and exquisite design that will attract more buyers to the automaker.

2017 Mercedes E-Class

2017 Mercedes E-Class: Design, Features and Specs

There are lots of changes and modifications expected for the upcoming 2017 Mercedes E-Class which will make it the best among other cars in the same category. Some of the modifications can changes in this vehicle include use of new production platform making this vehicle to be both bold and gallant while on the cruise mostly on the highway. The new platform used in the production of this vehicle is going to borrow lots of features from the C-class. The headlamp is going to come with well designed round shape just like the previous model. Also, the tail light is also expected to have same analogous shape seen the predecessor. These features will be loaded in the new chassis that will be 90% stronger and sturdier as well as 20% lighter when compared with the previous version in the market. Indeed, the best word to define the interior of this vehicle is luxury due to lots of great and top quality features loaded in it. There is high quality upholstery which is used in designing the seats increasing the comfort associated with it. The seats are made of quality leather which ensures durability in all facets. Some of the high-tech features associated with the interior include: Quality speaker, navigation system, satellite radio, Bluetooth and USB connectivity and lots more.

2017 Mercedes E-Class interior

2017 Mercedes E-Class: Engine and Fuel Economy

This 2017 Mercedes E-Class is expected to come with tones of engine options in order to give the buyers options to select from. The first in the list of the engine option is the 2.1-liter petrol turbocharged engine with power output of 195 horsepower. The second engine option coming with this vehicle is 3.0-liter V6 engine producing enormous 329 horses in outputs. These engines are going to be paired with 9-speed gearbox which is faster and smoother while on the cruise. The abovementioned engines will be improved through the newly engineered gearbox. The 3rd engine option is going to be 4.7-liter petrol, twin-turbocharged engine. This engine is the most powerful as it produce 407 horsepower.

The fuel economy of this 2017 Mercedes E-Class is highly improved due to the new technology incorporated in the vehicle. For that reason users will stand chances of enjoying wonderful cruising experience with this vehicle without worry about refilling their tank time after time. For city drive, you are going to get 18 mpg and highway will offer you 29 mpg.

2017 Mercedes E-Class rear

2017 Mercedes E-Class: Safety Features and Competition

Mercedes never compromise their quality when it comes to safety and security of their consumers. For that reason, you are going to enjoy wonderful experience with this vehicle without passing through stress or any safety problem. Some of the safety features associated with this vehicle include: Climatic control, outside temperature control, Parking sensor, adaptive cruise control, stability control, traction control, lane departure warning and lots more. These and more are what made 2017 Mercedes E-class your best choice when you love safety in your ride. There are also lots of competing brands to the closes competitors are: Audi A6 and BMW 5-Series.

2017 Mercedes E-Class: Release Date and Price

For the release of this vehicle, it is expected to be in the market before the end of 2016 as the 2017 model. There is not exact date stipulated for S to make it to the world car market. The price is going to be $53,000 which is highly competitive when you compare it with other brands around.

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