2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept, Aluminium Body

For the model year 2017, luxury car brand Lincoln is set to release another of its behemoths to overtake and rule the automobile market. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is the brand’s top most luxury SUV, which will feature a wide array of modifications and improvements to make it competitive with other cars in the market. Apart from luxury features for which this car is famous worldwide, there will also be changes to its performance as well as fuel economy. This time around, unfortunately, we are going to see refreshment rather than a complete re-design. But, that is nothing to worry about if you are a car enthusiast who likes to dwell on the details.

2017 Lincoln Navigator front


2017 Lincoln Navigator: Powertrain Configuration

The engineers at Lincoln are leaving no stone unturned in making this release one of their finest. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will come with a brand new engine, and replace the former 5.0 litre unit with a 3.5 litre V6 EcoBoost variant that is capable of producing a maximum of 370 horsepower and torque of 420 lb-ft. This engine will most likely be coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission, and in return will get better fuel economy as well as performance.

Light weight aluminum and steel have been used to construct this vehicle and thus has aided the car in attaining better fuel efficiency by reducing weight of the car. As far as powertrain goes, we are fairly certain that it is way ahead of some of its competitors. Only time will tell where it stands after released.

2017 Lincoln Navigator side

2017 Lincoln Navigator: Exterior and Interior Concept

2017 Lincoln Navigator is making a re-entry after a long hiatus, so to counter the aging process its predecessor went through, Lincoln is providing very unique touchups to the car’s exterior to make it look modern. It is being based on a new platform on which Ford F-150 was built, so you can expect the Navigator to acquire few of such properties as well. There is news that this vehicle will be offered with various choices in colors. Other features, we will get to know as we get nearer to the release date.

Keeping up to the reputation of being a luxury brand, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will come packed with top-notch comfort and infotainment features. As we expected, the car’s furnishing will be done with premium grade soft-to-touch materials to maximize comfort all the while seats are refurbished with leather to make them even more comfortable for seating. This SUV will also have more cabin space so that you can squeeze in extra bits of cargo while you rest comfortably by stretching your arms and legs.

2017 Lincoln Navigator interior

2017 Lincoln Navigator: Release Date and Price

In the absence of any official information, all that we are left with are speculations and rumors. If they are to be believed, then we might see the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is going to be released during the later parts of 2016. With a base price of around $30,000, the Navigator will provide tough competition in terms of pricing as well.

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