2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5 release date

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5 sheds its classic square off bad boy image and comes with a new form of design that reeks of both elegance and masculinity. Inspired from Range Rover Evoque, this vehicle has adopted a larger shape that provides more space efficiency as well as fantastic fuel economy due to a lower weight than its predecessor.

2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5

Brief history:

This vehicle was first introduced in the late 80s in response to Japanese off-road models, and since then has gained critical acclaim as well as popularity among families due to their family oriented features. The Discovery series has become a symbol of trust and brand quality with just the first two generations of releases.

2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5: Competition

the upcoming 2017 Land Rover LR5 is to be a fifth-generation launch that is off-road oriented and built to ride on even the toughest of terrain. This vehicle will compete with BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC, which means that the model is no longer restricted in its own zone and is now among the big league of the car arena. It remains to be seen how every vehicle fares against each other, once they all release among amazing hype and cheer.

2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5: Interior Features and Technology

Inside of 2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5, there will be state-of-the-art features that both encompass utility and comfort. Various aspects will be there for both drivers and passengers so that they can ride in safety as well as in extreme comfort. Some attractive features include touch screens, heads up display, and a transparent hood be present to add style to this already amazing model. As seen in the New York auto show, there would be a system of control that is autonomous, which will allow this vehicle to be parked without any assistance from the driver whatsoever.

2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5 interior

2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5: Under the Hood

According to speculations, 2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5 will get gas, diesel, as well as the hybrid version of engines. There is quite a possibility that ICE only engines will come from Jaguar Land Rover models. The current version is capable of producing as much as 340 hp with its V6 supercharged, 3.0-liter engine. This will be replaced by a 380 hp producing variant.

As far as the weight of the model is concerned, use of aluminum architecture and new sheet metal has ensured that this car does not weigh beyond 5600 pounds, which is considered optimal for an SUV.

2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5 rear

2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5: Price and Expected Release Date

It would be wise to not expect a significant amount of information regarding price and official release date of this model. According to some rumors, the base version of 2017 Land Rover Discovery LR5 is likely to cost somewhere around $ 35,000 and go significantly higher up with trim levels and additional electronic features. As far as release date is concerned, it should be at least till mid-2017 when you can get your hands on this phenomenal SUV release. For more information keep following this section, as we keep making reveals in the future.

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