2017 Kia Soul range

Small cars are rare these days, but there is an existing segment for them Kia seems to be doing quite great at it. Presently they are busy developing the 2017 Kia Soul and their aim will be to integrate the best in class features into it. Other than that, attempts will be made to equip it with a decent engine and will be offered in more than one variant.

2017 Kia Soul

2017 Kia Soul: Important Changes

It will also come with a very nominal price tag and for the upgrades that are being offered for this new variant, they are almost giving it away. This legendary car has been there for almost ten years in the market now every time it successfully adapted itself and delivered a great performance. Nothing less is expected from 2017 Soul.

2017 Kia Soul: Engine Specs

It is pretty clear from 2017 Kia Soul’s engine specs that there is no point of judging a vehicle by its size. This small car produces impressive outputs and what is even better is the fact that it will be offered with three different engine options in 2017. While there exists a hybrid variant in the range, outputs are higher from the normal units. The base engine is a DOHC i4 unit of 1.6 liters that produces a decent output of 130 HP.

The torque of this engine is in the range of 120 pounds per feet. Compared to it, the hybrid variant comes powered with a combined polymer motor of 27 kW. These units and the existing units the lineup will be paired with a six-speed gearbox which will be available in both manual and auto drive options.

Last but not the least, the next engine in the lineup is four-cylinder turbo i-4 DOHC unit of 2.0L that can easily generate up to  164 HP and produce a torque of 150 lb-ft roughly. Further info will be revealed soon.

2017 Kia Soul rear

2017 Kia Soul: Fresh New Look

The 2017 Kia Soul is a small and compact car with a sporty design. Not many changes are expected from the upcoming Soul, but there will be some minor exterior tweaks. However the interiors will go through a complete makeover, and the build quality will be improved.

To add to that a bunch of technological features like 4.3-inch infotainment unit with touch control Sirius XM satellite radio and lots of other features. As far as the tweaks are concerned they include a little increase in terms of dimension, greater ground clearance (6 inches approx.) and a wheelbase of 101 inches.

2017 Kia Soul interior

2017 Kia Soul: Price, Competition and Release Date

The 2017 Kia Soul is one of the cheapest cars you can buy. It is top-notch in terms of its specs and performance. Nevertheless, it will come with refreshments that make it even better, and all these will be available for a takeaway amount of just $16,500. However how soon people can get their Kia Souls is not known yet but it will most probably before the start of 2017. The 2017 Kia Soul is a unique vehicle, but that does not mean that it is the only one of its kind.

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