2017 Jeep Liberty reviews, price

Jeep is going to facelift many cars in the year 2017 and one of them is 2017 Jeep Liberty. This car has been categorized as sports car mainly. But the car is very useful and is popular for its elegant design. You will find many similarities between Wrangler and Liberty though the latter one possesses more features. Few critics even say that this car has got most features like that of an SUV. This time, the car will be filled with many surprises and the brand believes that customers would love it.

2017 Jeep Liberty

2017 Jeep Liberty: Appearance

First and foremost, 2017 Jeep Liberty has got an SUV like structure with the signature grille design of Jeep. This grille is none other than a rectangular area with few thick vertical bars of metal. Headlights are of standard size and LED make. LEDs last for a longer period of time with least maintenance.

There are indicator lamps of small size in two sides of front bumper. There are also two small rectangular fog lamps beside the indicator lamps. Front bumper has got a special layer of protection in the center which ensures safety to the bumper.

2017 Jeep Liberty: Exterior and Interior Design

High ground clearance has been maintained as this car is meant to drive in off roads along with on road of course. High build quality and pressure resistant 20 inches alloy wheels have been installed with five pairs of spoke on each wheel. Suspension system has been replaced with a new and advanced one this time. Due to this suspension kit, passengers will feel more comfortable and turmoil will be minimized to great extent. Interior space is not an issue in this car.

You will get ample space to sit and also to keep your luggage if you are going for any trip. High quality leather seats have been provided in 2017 Jeep Liberty. Technical consoles include temperature control, navigation system, USB, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX and also touch screen. Few safety features such as accident response, rear view camera, air bags, lane assistance, child lock, cruise control and ABS are provided.

2017 Jeep Liberty interior

2017 Jeep Liberty: Engine Specs

As far as engine specification is concerned, 2017 Liberty has got a V6 version as well as a V8 version. In all probability, the V6 version will be provided as the base version. Exact details of engines are yet to be revealed.

Jeep will also keep options in speed transmission as manual and automatic. Though most cars these days have got automatic speed transmission, there are still many people around the world who prefer manual transmission over automatic transmission. Eight speed transmissions will be provided in Liberty. It is being heard that fuel economy has been enhanced in the upcoming version of Jeep Liberty.

2017 Jeep Liberty side

2017 Jeep Liberty: Price and Release Date

Officially it has not been announced when this car will be released in global market. But sources reveal that 2017 Jeep Liberty will be available in the market around the middle of next year. Price for the base version of this car has been fixed at around $24,300. Higher versions will obviously be priced higher with more features.

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