2017 Jeep C-SUV review, price

Very little is known about the upcoming 2017 Jeep C-SUV. The brand is very busy with their Patriot and Compass which are going to hit the market this year soon. Nevertheless, few sources have managed to gather many spy photos and few essential specifications from trustworthy officials who have given this information off the record. With this car, the brand starts a new category in their products which is the C series. Jeep is well known for their strong build quality. Their cars can be used very roughly and they are suitable for making adventurous trips in forests or hilly areas.

2017 Jeep C-SUV

2017 Jeep C-SUV: Build Quality

Jeep C-SUV is going to be such a strong car as well and moreover, it is an SUV. So you can expect it to have great performance. When the spy photos were clicked, it was noticed that C-SUV was brought in the daylight with the body shell of Jeep Renegade. The company has played a nice trick in order to keep this car very confidential.

Unfortunately, their planned did not work out and they did not get the chance to surprise you. Making a new car involves a huge team and it is very difficult to shut everyone up completely. In a way, you are benefitted because you can have an idea about 2017 Jeep C-SUV sitting at your place.


Jeep Renegade uses a 4×4 platform and so does C-SUV. So either C-SUV is going to have an elongated body on this platform or can have same dimensions as that of Renegade. FCA announcements which were made recently says and assures that upcoming Jeep C-SUV will not be using the CUSW platform which is the platform used by Fiat Compact in the format of Compact type US Wide. Sources also say that C-SUV will have close resemblance with upcoming Patriot of Jeep and not with upcoming Compass.

2017 Jeep C-SUV: Design

From its glance, 2017 Jeep C-SUV looks very strong and it has got decent ground clearance which is neither too high to make a bad appearance nor too low to increase the risk of ground collision. High quality 20 inches alloy wheels are installed in this car. Front and rear bumpers are very strong so that they can withstand much pressure in case of minor damages. Maximum essential technological consoles will be present in this car.

These include Bluetooth, audio system, GPS, Pandora Link for iPhone connectivity and satellite radio, automatic climate control, etc. The steering wheel is mounted with more controls now to increase the flexibility of the driver and help him to have control over many facilities on the go without losing focus.

2017 Jeep C-SUV: Engine, Price and Release Date

Upcoming 2017 Jeep C-SUV has got a 2.0-liter Tigershark engine with 164 hp. The 2.0-liter MultiJet II diesel will be also available with an output power of 170 hp. The engines will be accompanied by a six-speed transmission of manual type. There will be an optional nine-speed automatic transmission. Price of this car has not yet been known. 2017 Jeep C-SUV will be coming to the market by the beginning of next year.

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