2017 Honda Odyssey release date, awd

Honda Odyssey is actually a minivan that was introduced in 1994 and now Honda will release 2017 Honda Odyssey, the fifth generation variant. The new model was spotted on the streets during its test run. Honda has been redesigning and manufacturing this minivan every six years now. This new 2017 Honda Odyssey is expected by the end of 2016 and is sure to go through some major upgrades. To add to that it will get a new look, cabin and lots of new technological upgrades. It will be in stiff competition with cars like Chrysler Town and Country, Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna after its release.

2017 Honda Odyssey front

2017 Honda Odyssey: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The company has officially divulged no information regarding the new car’s design but it was spotted during its test run. Following the Honda Pilot’s footsteps this minivan too will share platforms with crossovers. Not much is known about the new interior or exterior design but this car is sure to go through some revolutionary changes. The basic framework might be the same but the it will surely be more futuristic and elegant in terms of its looks and functioning. Headlight and tail light clusters that earlier used halogens will be replaced by LED. Interior will have comfortable seating with enough legroom and headroom.

2017 Honda Odyssey will come with standard features found in cars of its class. These are Climate Control with air filtering, heating and cooling, high wattage audio system with connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and satellite radio. There are also slots for DVD, CD, USB and flash cards. Steering wheel has buttons to control the audio and cellular system.

2017 Honda Odyssey interior

2017 Honda Odyssey: Engine and Fuel Economy

Even though most details about this car is unknown but it can be said that it will surely  come with Honda’s new Earth Dream Project engine of 3.5 litre capacity which will be mated with an automatic six speed gearbox. 2017 Honda Odyssey’s power output is to be expected around 290 horsepower and it will have a maximum torque of 270 lb ft. It can be certainly said that this car will be far better than its competitors in terms of performance. We can also expect that 2017 Honda Odyssey will provide great fuel economy – 21 mpg for the city and 34 mpg on the highway. It is also likely that Honda will release another automatic nine speed transmission variant of this car.

2017 Honda Odyssey rear

2017 Honda Odyssey: Release Date and Price

Between the condition of this mule and this car’s average six-year life cycle, it cannot be expected that the new model to appear for another year. As stated earlier the 2017 Honda Odyssey is expected to hit the showrooms in late 2016 or early 2017. But there have been some delays.

It’s far too early to guess about pricing of this car but then Honda always asks for reasonable price. That said, Honda probably will offer a maximum price of $ 40 000-plus for the upgraded variant and much less for the basic variants.

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