2017 Honda Insight redesign

The Honda Insight has been performing well since it was launched in 1999. The vehicle is known for the integrated motor assist system by the Honda. The company is now ready with the new 2017 Honda Insight which will have some desirable feature changes. 2017 Honda Insight is known for its adorable looks and performances. Now, let us have some insights about the new Honda’s hybrid model.

2017 Honda Insight front

2017 Honda Insight: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The new 2017 Honda Insight will have enhanced features in its exterior. 2017 Hoda Insight is expected to adopt the same platform as the civic sedan. The civic platform will aid for a more outline through the open lodge when compared to the previous models. The body shape of the car will be a wedge and this will help in the aerodynamics. The wedge shape of the car will reduce the dragging by the air and hence helps in the improved efficiency. The weight reduction is taken into consideration to improve the fuel economy of the car. The wheels will be robust and capable of handling tough road conditions. The headlights will be modified to provide wider lighting options. The LED lights will be employed for the designing the front and back and it will improve the looks of the car. The bumpers will also face some changes in the new model.

The interior of the new 2017 Honda Insight will have some changes with respect to space and equipment. The car will accommodate five persons and has wider spacing. The seats have been built with high-quality leather. The interior surfaces will be refined and designed with the contemporary materials. The steering comes with leather that is comfortable for the drivers and also provides the necessary friction for driving. The new feature of the standard rearview camera will be added in the new 2017 Honda Insight. The control board will be made of high-quality plastic and the display screen will be sizing to 8 inches. The other key features in the interior include screen display of 8 inches in size, GPS system, WIFI connectivity, etc. The infotainment system comes with the high-quality audio system with speakers of high clarity. The cabin looks are entirely changed when compared to the previous model. The provision of various security and safety features have made it a promising vehicle for the buyers. The safety features include airbag curtains, anti-lock braking control system, stability handle system, cruise control system, front and rear parking sensor systems, automated stopping device, forward collision control system, and traction control system.

2017 Honda Insight interior

2017 Honda Insight: Engine and Fuel Economy

The engine option will be a 1.5-liter Atkinson petrol engine with enhanced performance. The engine will be combined with the electric battery to give better mileage. The technology associated with the electric battery is exclusively developed by the Honda and is expected to have high durability. The other hybrid option will be a combination of 1.3-liter and 1.4-liter engines. The fuel economy of the combination will be around 45 mpg, which is quite promising. Some sources suggest that the fuel economy of the new 2017 Honda Insight can go up to 50 mpg! The drive option will be front wheel. The all-wheel drive option is not expected with the new model.

2017 Honda Insight rear

2017 Honda Insight: Price and Release Date

The price of the new 2017 Honda Insight should be somewhere around $ 20 000. This is quite reasonable and comes as an advantage for the car.

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