2017 GMC Savana Van

GMC Savana is presently in its fifth generation, and 2017 GMC Savana will only be another refreshment. It’ll look much like its previous 2016 version. GMC Savana is a full-sized van that has always has its own set of buyers in the market. Old school traditional look is much-loved, and hence there is no question of introducing major changes on those grounds. The models are constantly upgraded by the automakers to keep them competitive and this new version is only keeping up with the practice. Savana usually comes in three trims: Cargo, Cutaway, and Passenger. Each trim differs slightly from the other and the buyers get to make their choice.

2017 GMC Savana

2017 GMC Savana: Appearance

The retro traditional look stays and the van will look as masculine as ever. There have been some changes in the designing of the headlights. The old ones have been replaced by new round shaped headlights. As for tail lights, they are rectangular shaped. Latest LED lighting tech has been put to use for better and improved visibility.

Front design gives this GMC van a bulky and powerful look.This impression is further enhanced by complimenting grille. Also, aero efficiency of the van has seen an improvement because of a use of light weight material in its construction. Performances of these vans remain satisfying as always.

Well, to start with 2017 GMC Savana comes in three different trims and each of these trims offer further choice of model. Each one subtly differs from the other and of course, buyers have choice of customization on that. Some features which are available on the higher and more expensive trims might not be incorporated in the lower ones.

However, some common features include wide and enormous space inside the cabin. These vans are meant for long journeys and hence they take complete care of comfort. Finest leather upholstery has been put to use to ensure absolute luxury. There are three rows in the cabin as per usual; making is capable of accommodating 9 adults with ease. There is also a scope for extension, which will allow as many as 15 passengers to fit in during a ride.

2017 GMC Savana interior

2017 GMC Savana: Powertrain Configuration

No particular info about the engine of 2017 GMC Savana is available for now and we cannot confirm the configurations just yet. However, speculations are in the air as one would expect and the highest bid is on a 6.6 liter V8 monster engine. This one is capable of churning out around 260 HP.

Another 6.0-liter V8 engine option would be more powerful and generates something close to 330 HP. It will probably come with 8-speed manual transmission. Basic safety features like airbags, auto brake and traction systems are right in their place.

2017 GMC Savana rear

2017 GMC Savana: Competitors, Price, Expected Date of Release

Some potential rivals of 2017 GMC Savana are: Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo and Nissan NV. Cutaway trim starts around $28,500, Cargo at $29,500 and Passenger at $32,000.It will not be released in market until late 2016.

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