2017 Genesis G80 sedan, release date

The popular Genesis sedan by Hyundai was spotted being test driven, wearing a heavy camouflage. According to rumours, this Genesis version is to be renamed to 2017 Genesis G80. This is now a fully fledged lineup under the Korean automakers that specialize in super luxurious vehicles. Compared to the flagship Genesis G90 model, this vehicle has changes that can be considered to be minor for non-car enthusiasts.

2017 Genesis G80


2017 Genesis G80: Redesign

Basically, this model brings all the popular features of the advanced version along with the desired looks to make it a favourite among car lovers around the world.This face-lifted version of the already existing sedan will bring light refreshments to the exterior along with changes in interior quality, and also in it’s under the hood aspect.

2017 Genesis G80: Engine and Power

In the engine department, we are likely to see some changes and the existing 5.0-liter V8 engine is likely to be replaced by a more fuel economy oriented engine version. The new one that is likely to make its way is a 3.3-liter V6 engine and has a power output of 390 hp. This model might also end up replacing the Australian version of V6 as well as a worldwide edition of V8 engines. Hyundai’s decision to release an fuel economy friendly model has happened after the company has realized that there is a huge demand for well performing, luxury models.

Speculations would suggest that this engine of 2017 Genesis G80 has the power to produce as much as 350 kW, with all potential of detuned versions going much higher. This engine will be connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission and come on rear-wheel and all-wheel drive versions.

2017 Genesis G80: Exterior and Interior Details

Upcoming 2017 G80 has borrowed styling cues from Vision G concept to make for an exhilarating visual outlook. The prototype that was observed had a bumper that was placed below the car’s front grille, through which an intercooler was clearly noticed. Nothing more can be said about the visual aspects of this upcoming model as the company has not seen it fit to reveal much information now. There are also rumours that state Hyundai may also introduce a Genesis coupe variant that will be a bigger, and even more luxurious version than the one currently available.

More news from Hyundai:

Mid-size 2017 Genesis G80 sedans and full-size G90 models are only just to among six new models that are to be released by the year 2020. It seems that Hyundai has many fantastic years of releases lined up to propel the company’s image forward. Also, in the makes is a three series G70 and G60 models and to SUV models that remain unnamed. It would be interesting to see the marketing strategy of Hyundai in upcoming years as their car lineup will be filled up to brim with interesting releases.

2017 Genesis G80 rear

2017 Genesis G80: Price and Release Date

This aspect of 2017 Genesis G80 remains undisclosed so far, but it can be hoped that the price will be around $45,000. As far as release is concerned, you may see it sometime during 2017.

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