2017 Ford Torino gt

After the success of previous models, Ford is looking to introduce another model 2017 Ford Torino. This model will win the heart of consumers because of its innovative features and specs. 2017 Ford Torino will offer a new style, design and configuration.

2017 Ford Torino front

2017 Ford Torino: Redesign Exterior and Interior

This model will show certain modifications and changes than its predecessors. It will show unique and different exterior design. The company will create sporty exterior appearance. The bumper will show big changes due to change in the size. The overall length of dimension of 2017 Ford Torino will increase to increase the cabin space. The presence of durable and aluminium wheels will offer maximum strength to this vehicle. The LED lights will be modified into attractive and innovative style. We can expect the great illumination options and features. The overall weight of the vehicle will reduce or decrease to enhance the fuel economy. The side mirrors will catch a new design and frame. The lines or steaks on the body of vehicle are also expected. The rear end will show the prominent features like camera, bumper and antenna. We may find this vehicle in different colours schemes and designs to facilitate the requirements of customers.

The presence of high grade equipment and products will make the cabin advanced. The spacious cabin will support all types of infotainment and security features. The seating arrangement is designed to enhance the comfort and relaxation of passengers. The 2017 Torino will also offer high quality heating and cooling system. The adjustable seats will offer several positions and rotations. The storage space will be provided behind the last seat rows. The usage of latest and modern speakers, buffers, sound system and LCD is expected. The key features of cabin will also include USB ports, LCD, wireless streaming and radio. The dashboard will also support all kinds of control options and accessories for the user. The brake system will be upgraded to meet the requirements. We can also expect many other specs in the cabin of this vehicle.

2017 Ford Torino interior

2017 Ford Torino: Engine and Fuel Economy

The 2017 Ford Torino will come with a 5 litres and V8 engine. The possible output of power is 435 horsepower. Some rumours show that upcoming model will possess 3.7 Litre engine with automatic gearbox and six speed transmission system. The second engine will generate 300 hp power and 280 lb/ft torque value. We can expect good value of fuel economy from this type of vehicle or model. It may be due to presence of V8 engine.The fuel economy is 25 mpg on highway and 15 mpg in city road conditions.

The safety features of 2017 Ford Torino may include air conditioner, parking sensors, trip control system, street departure warning system and others. The general and most common safety features like seat belts and airbags will also make space in this model.

2017 Ford Torino side

2017 Ford Torino: Release Date and Price

The estimated price of 2017 Ford Torino will be around 40 000 dollars. The release of this model is expected in the second quarter of 2016.

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