2017 Ford Ranger diesel

As soon as the news of 2017 Ford Ranger started circulating in market, it generated a lot of interest on a global scale. Arguably it is one of the best Pick-up trucks in recent times. The ranger nameplate has been used by Ford in several of its models. 2017 Ford Ranger is supposed to be on a completely different level in terms on luxury and design. Updates would be made on both interior as well as exterior design. Performance would also be significantly upgraded. According to company reports, it will overcome all the shortcomings which were identified in recent models. It popularity is not only limited to North America, but also extends to Europe and several parts of Asia.

2017 Ford Ranger front

2017 Ford Ranger: Redesign Exterior and Interior

On first look at 2017 Ford Ranger only, one would be able to identify several changes and modifications to the body design. According to speculations, it will have a light weight, high resistant body with material such as aluminium, steel and carbon fibre. This will significantly improve performance and fuel economy. It will have an aggressive sporty design with a low stance. There would be a three sectional horizontal grille with chrome accent. Company logo would be on its centre. LED headlights would be sleek and narrow. There would also be change in front and rear bumper. Audio systems are also quite good.

Interior of 2017 Ranger is simple and elegant. It will have a spacious cabin with luxurious seats, which would be made of soft materials and Nappa leather. It also scores high on safety department with features such as multiple airbags, stability control, cruise control, ABS (antilock brake system), etc. There would be other features such as key less entry, rear view camera, panic alarm, etc based on the trim level you choose.

2017 Ford Ranger interior

2017 Ford Ranger: Engine and Fuel Economy

Under the hood of 2017 Ford Ranger you may find an impressive engine system for sure. It will have a 2.2 litre diesel powered 4 cylinder engine which is absolutely capable in generating almost 147 hp and 375 pound/ft torque. Average mileage regarding such an engine will be around 29 mpg on city streets whereas 33 mpg on highways. Other engine option can be – a 2.5 litre gas based 4 cylinder engines which can produce about 163 hp and 375 pound/ft torque. Such a drivetrain has 22 mpg average fuel consumption rate. Yet another drivetrain can consist- 2 litre diesel powered TDCi 20 valve 5 cylinder engine generating nearly 197 hp. It has an average fuel consumption rate of 25 mpg on streets whereas 30 mpg on highways. Here are some serious machines providing any power you need.

2017 Ford Ranger rear

2017 Ford Ranger: Release Date and Price

By end of 2016 or 2017’s beginning, 2017 Ford Ranger models are expected to be seen at your nearby auto markets for sure. Yet perfect date for launch hasn’t been announced by company. Since launch is little far, Ford also hasn’t said anything officially about Ranger’s cost price or market price.

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