2017 Ford Mustang price, release date

2017 Ford Mustang will be the most exclusive Mustang to be in production ever, as for now. A stunning exterior and even more paralysing 5.8 litre V8 will make this supercar the dream of many car enthusiasts who can handle a beast like this. It looks like an old Mustang from any angle. The car’s long body lengths, muscular curves, aggressive front and wide rear have been preserved. Detailed interior and exclusive build material will make the owner love every moment spent inside the car.

2017 Ford Mustang front

2017 Ford Mustang: Engine Specs

There could probably be three engine options for the new 2017 Ford Mustang. First one could be the rumoured introduction of the retro 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine that produces around 252 horsepower and less than 280 lb ft of torque. This efficient redesigned engine will save a lot on fuel consumption on this otherwise fuel hungry beast. Second one is a six cylinder engine of 3.7 litre displacement that will generate around 305 horsepower and over 350 lb ft of torque. Like other Mustang models, a third option for a powerful 5 litre V8 will be present that will generate over 662 horsepower and 631 lb ft of torque. The last engine will probably be available only for their sport specific models and cannot be opted from regular trim packages.

Ford will probably decide to stick to the old 5 speed manual transmission. Need for over 6 speed automatic rises now more than ever as Ford has made Mustang even more powerful than before.

2017 Ford Mustang side

2017 Ford Mustang: Interior and Exterior

While most super cars have migrated to electronic display for displaying information on the car, 2017 Ford Mustang still uses a cleverly redesigned analogue display for speed, rpm, fuel capacity and few other indicator signals. A touch enabled control panel has been placed in the dashboard, located conveniently near the driver. It will have navigation and audio systems, with software that could help one tune the various settings of the car. Hard buttons on the steering wheel will also feature controls for audio and transmission. Premium sport quality leather seats that could be adjusted in eight directions are also standard across all models.

2017 Ford Mustang will now feature an independent rear wheel suspension. Car could be stabilized by handing over certain controls to a computer using the various car dynamics and stability control units like Anti lock Braking System (ABS), Traction control unit, Torque distribution, roll stabilizer and steering control. Anti theft, anti collision and proximity warning is also standard. Airbags are placed at all convenient locations like in the front, head curtain, side curtain and knee.

While designing the exterior, extreme detailing have been taken care of throughout the exterior. Most of the vehicle remains the same in terms of dimension and basic design, but clever touches in places like headlight cluster, door handles, wheel rim and front air intake gives a more modernist look without compromising on the retro muscular build.

2017 Ford Mustang interior

2017 Ford Mustang: Price and Release Date

2017 Ford Mustang will probably be priced well over $50,000. Release date has not yet been published.

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