2017 Ford Edge Sport review, price

Currently rumours are circulating about the release of 2017 Ford Edge Sport in the market. As usual, company has decided to equip this model with extraordinary features and updates. We can expect a new engine, platform and design in the next model of Ford automobile company.

2017 Ford Edge Sport front

2017 Ford Edge Sport: Exterior and Interior Design

The 2017 Ford Edge Sport will possess a long wedge shape, older siblings and sloped nose. In order to impart this model a best look, the set of flying buttress wings and modern tail lights will be added into this model. The crisp cuts, round hips and new design will also create a great look. The sloped and beautiful GT nose will leave a good impression on the consumers. The new features will include aggressive rear diffuser, exhaust outlet and new LED lights. Toward the top the ends of vehicle will tapers inward to give more aerodynamic design and shape. The new model will be more sleek, beautiful and sophisticated than old cars or models in the market. Based on all these features, we can consider top rating and position for this model of Ford Company. The carbon fibre will be used in the body to reduce the weight. We can expect many types of curves and slopes on the body to make sure best response. The rounded and sloped windshield is expected. The upward swinging doors will also make the entry and exit comfortable for the passengers.

The cabin of 2017 Ford Edge Sport will offer more stability, control and comfort. The driver seat will offer multiple positions and adjustments. The presence of pedals, steering wheel and brakes will offer good control to driver. The front dashboard will possess a LCD display to show the information in audio and video format. The seating capacity will accommodate five to seven passengers with ease. The seats are fixed and durable. The leather covers and material will impart great comfort to passengers. The speakers, sound system and LCD will make some difference in the cabin. The interior environment is sporty, sophisticated, elegant and beautiful. We can expect new and unique interior environment.

2017 Ford Edge Sport interior

2017 Ford Edge Sport – Engine Specs

The 2017 Ford Edge Sport will get a new 3.5 L V6 engine which will generate 280 hp. This engine will show best level of fuel economy to make sure the excellent feedback. The value of torque and power generate is unknown. As compared to previous models, we can expect more powerful engine and specs in the upcoming model. The new engine will offer updated gearbox, brakes and steering control. The option of six speed automatic transmission system will also make the engine powerful. We can also expect the presence of V8 engine based on some rumours.

The average fuel economy of 2017 Ford Edge Sport will be 18-20 MPG in the city and 17-25 MPG on highway.

2017 Ford Edge Sport side

2017 Ford Edge Sport – Price and Release Date

Price range will be 28,000 dollars to 39,000 dollars. The release will be probably in the fall of 2016.

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