2017 Dodge Dakota specs, price

Dodge Dakota has been a classic pickup truck that had been in the market for almost 25 years. It was discontinued earlier in 2011, but it seems that they are planning to bring it back. The 2017 Dodge Dakota is scheduled to go into production process very soon, and a package of new upgrades are lined up for it. Traditional design is to be maintained, but there will be some improvements in the engine sectors. Attempts will be made to make this medium sized pickup truck more appealing, powerful and efficient. Dodge expects to receive overwhelming responses on this variant’s release owing to it pre-existing customer base and popularity.

2017 Dodge Dakota

2017 Dodge Dakota: Engine Specs & Mileage

  • Considering the fact that 2017 Dodge Dakota will be going into production soon, one can only expect the basic info. From what is known as of now, it is clear that this pickup truck will be released in multiple variants, and each of them will come with their very own powertrain.
  • The base variant of this truck will come with a decent 3.7 L v-6 unit that will be capable of generating 200 plus hp. Other variants are likely to come with a more powerful unit of 4.7 L. This exact unit output remains unknown, but it will certainly be greater than the former.
  • The good news is that Dakota will be available in both gasoline and diesel models, and the fuel efficiency is expected to be around 30 mpg. A little more power from the engine would have helped the truck to improve its performance but what is being provided can be considered pretty standard.
  • Last but not the least, these engines will be paired with a transmission system of either six-speed or five speed.

2017 Dodge Dakota side

2017 Dodge Dakota: Interior and Exterior Design

The 2017 Dodge Dakota will come with standard interior upgrades that are mostly technologically dominated. No major changes are to be expected from the classic cabin offered by the Dakota. There will be improvements in terms of quality and features like navigation, stereo, infotainment and climate control will also be available.

As far as the exterior changes of 2017 Dodge Dakota are concerned, there is a little more information available. It has been built on single body wheelbase, and the body work has been done with material that is stronger yet lighter. Since safety features are of most priority, efforts will be made to make it tough. It will be aerodynamically superior in shape. However, it is supposed to be longer and heavier than it used to be.

2017 Dodge Dakota interior

2017 Dodge Dakota: Price, Competition & Availability

From the information available we can conclude that Dodge Dakota 2017 will hit the showrooms by the end of this year. This vehicle will mark Dodge’s come back into the pickup segment and to make it possible Dodge has decided to go for a pocket-friendly price tag. Base variant is to be made available for a nominal cost of $25,000. However price for the higher variants will vary significantly and might even range up to $50,000. The 2017 Dodge Dakota might come with an impressive configuration for a reasonable price but so will pickup trucks Ford F-150 and Chevy Colorado. Therefore, it will be in stiff competition, and only its performance will speak for itself.

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