2017 Corvette Z07 Price, 0-60

Sports cars are vehicles that make our heart beat faster because these are the ultimate speed machines on the road. There are several automobile giants that are experts in presenting ultimate sports cars. Similarly, Chevrolet is one of them. Being one of the biggest automobile manufacturing companies in the world, Chevrolet just knows how to make sports cars as this company has presented some fascinating sports cars over the years.

Corvette Z07 is one of them, and the interesting thing is that Chevrolet is presenting a new version of it, which is 2017 Corvette Z07. As this Corvette Z07 is already a powerful sports car, more improvements and changes have been brought to it this time around.

2017 Corvette Z07 spy photo


Engine details and Performance of 2017 Corvette Z07

Powering this beast are two powerful and brawny engines. First off, there is a 4.5-liter twin turbo engine which is able to produce 500 hp and equal amounts of torque. And there is another engine which is the 6.2 liter V8 engine.

This 6.2-liter unit will be producing a whopping 650 hp and equal amounts of torque. Both of these powerful engines will be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission system; along with paddle shifters. This new Corvette Z07 has a stunning acceleration as it is able to sprint from 0-60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds.

2017 Corvette Z07: Interior Cabin Specs

Interior cabin of this 2017 Corvette Z07 is all about modernism and luxury. The design presented in this interior cabin is very stylish. But along with the stylish design, utmost comfort has been maintained too.

This is made possible as the seats are carefully designed to be comfortable in every way possible. These seats are of a sporty type and feature upholstery of high-quality materials. Similarly, the cockpit also holds a fascinating design along with the driver’s convenience.

Certain combinations of colors have been featured throughout its cabin which compliments a high profile theme. This cabin is advanced on the technological side too. Upgrades have been made on infotainment system, air conditioning system, navigation  system and the audio system.

2017 Corvette Z07: Exterior Body Looks

This 2017 Corvette Z07 has an extremely well-built body. Its body is graced with a low profile aggressive design. Aerodynamics plays an important role as the body has been sculpted according to it.

The body of this car is made up of aluminum to reduce its overall weight, which in turn, helps to increase the performance dramatically. This new CorvetteZ07 appears as if it is sticking to the ground as it has a very low ground clearance.

A large air intake can be seen on the front, the headlights are sleek which extends upwards, and the hood is intentionally long to bring out that sporty look.

2017 Corvette Z07 side

2017 Corvette Z07: Price and Release Date

It has been said that this new Corvette Z07 will have a price of around $100,000, and its pricing will definitely go higher. Though Chevrolet has not officially announced the release date of this Corvette Z07 2017; it is expected to be launched in the month of November 2016.

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