2017 Buick Avenir release date, price

The 2017 Buick Avenir puts a lot in stake for this automobile manufacturing company. Present situation of the Buick brand is in a juxtaposed position in between premium class and mainstream. With new Buick Avenir the company expects their brand to grow significantly. One of its main focuses will be becoming a full-sized sedan model. So, many changes can be expected in the next model. Changes in the powertrain will be significant in obtaining maximum torque and optimum horsepower. Acceleration will improve as well as the handling. This new model will have new body design as well as great interior specifications.

2017 Buick Avenir

2017 Buick Avenir: Powertrain

  • 2017 Buick Avenir is going to have a gasoline unit under its hood. This engine will be much more powerful than Buick’s previous engine setups. There will be nine automatic gearboxes along with rear axle. Regarding horsepower and torque generation, there is no detailed information as of yet.
  • But according to various rumors from different sources, the power output will be more than what fans are expecting. There might be a hybrid engine along with the base setup but there is no proper evidence to support this matter.
  • Acceleration is expected to be quite fast in new Buick Avenir. Fuel economy is expected to be higher than the previous models. Fuel consumption is going to be checked, hence this car will be more fuel-efficient than the other vehicles. There is no news on transmission, but it is expected to be eight-speed automatic. But there is no real evidence to maintenance this rumor.
  • Carbon dioxide emission rates are going to be checked down significantly. This new car will cause much less pollution than its for runners.

2017 Buick Avenir rear

2017 Buick Avenir: Exterior and Interior Specs

There will be many minute changes in this car’s exterior setup. Headlamps will have winged design as well as jewel setup. Dynamic blinkers might also be used in headlights. Grille contains Buick logo in bold. Fog lights will also be present on the bumper to assist divers under low light conditions.

In its interior, 2017 Buick Avenir contains a 12 inches wide LCD touchscreen infotainment system. Dashboard design will be sleeker than previous models and seats will be more comfortable for passengers than before.

2017 Buick Avenir interior

2017 Buick Avenir: Expected Release Date and Price Range

2017 Buick Avenir makers have hinted that there will not be any sharp changes in their next models pricing, but the prices will be positively higher than the earlier models. With the use of high quality material in this car, it will be injustice on the manufacturer’s behalf to not upgrade the price range. The new Buick Avenir is expected to be priced in between $60,000 – $67,000. But price range can be even higher considering these wonderful specs. At first it was speculated that Buick would launch their new 2017 Buick Avenir in the beginning of 2016. But this date was changed by automakers and now they have set a release date on the month of July this year. But these dates can be changed and launch might be postponed for a few more weeks.


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