2017 BMW Z4 review, release date

Z4 is a high-flying sports car from none other than German giants of automobile engineering, BMW. It has been quite a popular vehicle since its launch and its charisma has led to a huge turnaround of fortunes for Bavarian Motor Works. The original Z4 has been in the production cycle since 2009.Rumours have been in air surrounding a refreshed version of this sophisticated sports car for more than two years now but nothing serious had materialized till then. Fortunately, now, BMW has announced the launching of a new sports car which is going to none other than the much awaited 2017 BMW Z4. BMW Z4 is a very popular car among car buffs and surely this release is much looked forward to and BMW will not disappoint at all.

Already being tagged off as one of the fastest sports cars in the market, 2017 version of BMW Z4 is being much looked up to and one of the most exciting facts is that it will be sharing the same powerful platform that has shot to fame in the legendary Toyota Supra.

2017 BMW Z4

2017 BMW Z4: Engine Power

  • As 2017 BMW Z4 is a sports car, let us first have a peep at engine running under the hood. To start with, the base engine model will be co-developed with Toyota. This will be a 2.0L unit with four cylinders which will be turbo charged. As for power production, it will be able to produce anything within 250 to 350 HP.
  • Coming to torque generation, 310 pounds feet will be provided by this engine. It goes from zero mph to 60 mph in around 5 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph. If this is the base engine imagine the higher one!
  • The more powerful variant which will be pretty much the same four-cylinder turbo charged 3.0 L unit. What will make the difference is the instalment of two electric motors which combine to provide as much as 300 HP. Torque production would be limited at as high as 300 pounds feet.
  • This engine will enable 2017 BMW Z4 to scale from zero mph to 60 mph with in a little less than 4 seconds and will provide a competitive top speed of 180 mph.

No wonder this 2017 Z4 is really a wonder car with lots of power to impress.

2017 BMW Z4 side

2017 BMW Z4: News on Designing

BMW has only announced the launch of this car. But the company and all its representatives are maintaining a high-profile silence regarding the design that will be seen on the body of 2017 BMW Z4. Z4 is a sports car and every small detail is necessary for its success. Thus the silence of the manufacturers is satisfactorily justified.

As for expectations, sharper lines and more expose frame-work are being expected. A comfortable, shinier and much more sophisticated interior is also on the list.

2017 BMW Z4 interior

2017 BMW Z4: Release Date and Price

2017 BMW Z4 is being expected to start below $50,000 with the base model. Higher trims may take this price up to $80,000. Release is more or less scheduled to be held in mid-2016.

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