2017 BMW M9 price, top speed

The BMW M9 is a well known name of the automobile industry as the fan following for this vehicle in all major markets of this world is very much high. These models are known for their performing potential, luxury, and notoriety as well as class and sooner the company will be introducing 2017 BMW M9 and reports suggest that upcoming vehicle will be nothing less than fantastic with killer looks. Expectations related with the upcoming model are definitely very high so let’s discuss some of the key features of the new 2017 BMW M9.

2017 BMW M9 front

2017 BMW M9: Exterior and Interior Design

The roof starts from the anterior side and in a careful manner it slopes towards the downward direction and ends at far posterior spoiler. The aesthetics of this vehicle are cutting edge and will defiantly appeal to the masses. This one is definitely a furious sports car which will arrive equipped with LED headlights also the posterior taillights will be supporting LED technology. Platform as well as design upon, which this vehicle has been made, will definitely win the attention of masses. The 2017 BMW M9 will also be using wind deflector and main aim present behind using this is to make the front bumper appear lesser and this has further highlighted the overall look and appeal of the car. Consumers will be getting the opportunity of enjoying different types of color schemes so the options will appear very much attractive altogether.

2017 BMW M9 interior

Towards the interior there is a fantastic combination of reddish orange and black colors and there will be enough space for accommodating 5 adult passengers. Drivers will like the concept associated with steering covered in leather. In addition to this, there is better and improved entertainment system, navigation related features and safety options.

2017 BMW M9: Engine Specs and Fuel Economy

The expectation is that 2017 BMW M9 will possess V8 or V18 engine and for providing a sporty reputation to this car its top speed has been improved to 320 kph. However, it is important to highlight one point here that market is full of different rumors related with different engines of the upcoming model therefore it is very much difficult to claim with certainty that which one will actually become a part of the car. There is another strong possibility that company can decide to go with the engine that is being used in current model.

The fuel economy of 2017 BMW M9 will be higher than other members of the family because it is going to be a sports car. Fuel economy can be more than combined 30 mpg.

Loads of additional features have been brought in this model that is to be announced by the manufacturer in near future. The airbags and Parking sensor have been upgraded keeping the security aspect in mind. The prominent safety related features of 2017 BMW M9 are being mentioned below;

• Pre collision safety system
• Post collision safety system,
• Brake Assist
• Air bags
• LED lights
• Blind spot monitoring
The car will have to compete against Mercedes-Benz AMG’s Black Series.

2017 BMW M9 rear

2017 BMW M9: Release Date and Price

Speculations suggest that 2017 BMW M9 vehicle will be released in the upcoming year, but we still don’t have official announcements related pricing and release date. The price will be in the range of US $ 300 000 to US $ 500 000.

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