2017 BMW M6 coupe, convertible

Many features have been modified; many new features have been added. These changes mainly comprises of the facelift of BMW M6. Yes, it is true that 2017 BMW M6 is already under process and you must be very anxious to know what these primary changes are. BMW has always maintained a class of its own and that has fetched them good customer repute. They will be producing next generation of this BMW M6 and hence there will be many wonderful features this time to make you go crazy.

2017 BMW M6 front


First and foremost, appearance is never really an issue for most BMW cars. They have a signature grille design which categorizes and signifies all BMW cars. The 2017 BMW M6 is not an exception. It has got that rectangular signature grille divided in two segments with vertical metal slits. The brand logo is embedded right at the end of bonnet. Headlights are of standard size and are of LED make.

2017 BMW M6: Exterior and Interior Features

LEDs have almost replaced all those traditional yellow headlights since they are economical for long run. They consume least energy and provide bright light of white color. Also they do not get destroyed or damaged easily and are cheaper. There are small chains of LED underlying each of the headlight boxes. No fog lamps are provided in this car but there might be provisions made for them in front bumper. The ground clearance of 2017 BMW M6 is optimum and so it is suitable for on road as well as semi off-road drive. High quality 19 inches alloy wheels are installed in this car with five paired spokes in each wheel.

Chassis has been modified which comes with better comfortable suspension kit. Braking system has been enhanced to ensure maximum safety. One of the most remarkable features is that the car driver actually can adjust stiffness of chassis digitally and also control gear box as well as steering. There is also a rear diffuser provided in upcoming version of  M6 BMW.

Interior consoles worth mentioning are automatic climate control with dual zone type, heated steering, better audio system, enhanced Bluetooth, Pandora Link for iPhone connectivity and satellite radio, etc.

2017 BMW M6 rear

2017 BMW M6: Engine Options

As far as engine specification is concerned, 2017 BMW M6 has got a 4.4 liter engine of V8 which runs on petrol. This engine has got twin turbo charged technology and has got a torque of around 560 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. Speed transmission in M6 is seven with double clutch feature. Another engine a capacity of 4.4 liter V6 445 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. The engine of 3.3 liters turbocharged inline-6 will have a maximum power of 310 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque.

This car takes about 4.2 seconds of time to reach 100 kmph from 0 and top speed has been rated at 250 kmph. If the limiter of M6 is disassembled, top speed reaches up to 305 kmph which is insane. Fuel consumption roughly is about 9.9 liters for coupe and 10.3 liter for convertible.

2017 BMW M6 interior

2017 BMW M6: Price and Release Date

Exact price of this car has not been revealed yet. But it has been known that 2017 BMW M6 will be priced like that of Porsche 911 Turbo and Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG which are the prime competitors of this car about $115,000. This car may release by summer of this year.

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