2017 Honda CR-Z release date, price

2017 Honda CR-Z front

Upon its introduction as a concept car in 2007, Honda CR-Z sent a new wave of excitement across all car lovers as it was predicted to the unbeatable in the automobile industry. However, this excitement turned into disappointment when the car hit the market in 2010 as buyers realized it did not have a powerful engine to match its elegant and bold look. There have been transformed models introduced to the market in 2013 and 2015 but still they left the masses unsatisfied. Good news to you the faithful lover of Honda CR-Z, the company has heard your lamentation and it is lining up the new 2017 Honda CR-Z. Let us now look at some aspects that make the model a joy to have for all car lovers.

2017 Toyota Venza review, price

2017 Toyota Venza front

For many years now Toyota has always surprised people with each car, and almost every car released by the company has been a roaring success in the market. The cars built by Toyota are very sturdy and stylish, clearly, they are made to impress and last for a long time to come. Experts have already suggested that the 2017 Toyota Venza is all set to outsell its competitors in the market by a large margin. Any car lover would simply go all out to own this masterpiece.

2017 BMW X4 review, price

2017 BMW X4 front

BMW has dependably exceeded expectations in delivering brilliant cars. On account of this model, they saw a need to come build up a model that was neither an SUV nor an upset however in the middle of to offer advantages of both universes. Their answer was the 2017 BMW X4 worked as a littler and sportier rendition of the much bigger X5. 

2017 Nissan Murano price, hybrid

2017 Nissan Murano front

The Nissan Company is one of the most luxurious car manufacturers. The automaker has prepared yet another new model for the upcoming year; the 2017 Nissan Murano. This car is not only powerful just like its predecessor but it’s also a true track weapon that will be able to hold down its ground against the much more powerful cars. The 2017 Nissan Murano will break cover in late-2017 as a more compact car that will be underpinned by a brand-new, light platform and dressed in a familiar but refreshed suit.

2017 Dodge Dart price, srt, gt

2017 Dodge Dart front

An energetic appearance, open interior, and capable taking care of is the thing that you get with the 2017 Dodge Dart. In any case, most viewpoints are dominated by its adversaries which offer better elements and advances. Some of its highlights incorporate a responsive managing and directing, a fantastic discretionary touchscreen interface, and an extensive lodge. For 2017, purchasers ought to expect a Rally Appearance bundle on the SE trim, constrained visual overhauls, and a Blacktop bundle for the GT model.

2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 price, release date

2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 front

We practically disregard the new 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 truck until we, at last, found the car on a test. This car was initially seen amid the 2014 LA Auto Show occasion, and the speed car is by all accounts sufficiently comparative to the older model. There is not much to know yet, but rather here is the subtle element on it. 

2018 Lexus LS release date, price

2018 Lexus LS front

Lexus is one of the most renowned luxuries automobile maker belongs to the luxury division of Toyota. This company is well-known in the industry to manufacture some great luxurious vehicles for its huge customer’s base and so far they have also launched different series of vehicles. In this context, it would be interesting to mention that this luxury division automaker is once again expecting to launch another model as 2018 Lexus LS.

2018 Dodge Charger review, redesign

2018 Dodge Charger front

In the past few years,it was evidently seen that the makers of Dodge Charger have provided some significant changes to the vehicle that has made it the symbolic performance vehicle in the current automobile industry. In this context, it is worth mentioning that 2018 Dodge Charger is going to be one of the best sports sedans that will have great power and will also provide its passengers with superb comfort.

2017 Chevy Avalanche redesign, price

2017 Chevy Avalanche front

What if a pickup truck could have everything in it like enhanced performance, modern technology, utmost power and a wonderful driving experience? Well, there is one, and it is the 2017 Chevy Avalanche. Yes, that’s right, this new pickup truck has almost everything in it, and Chevrolet does a wonderful job by presenting these kinds of functional vehicles which are capable of meeting every demand of the customers.

2017 Infiniti Q50 price, release date

2017 Infiniti Q50 front

Nissan’s luxury car division, Infiniti has yet again come up with a new and innovative design in the form of 2017 Infiniti Q50. This is the latest version of Q50 – a new sedan manufactured by Infiniti. Since the time of its conception back in 2007, this Q50 series has made tremendous progress as an entry level vehicle. This new 2017 model is likely to introduce some serious changes in this franchise. Most of these changes will be refreshed or redesigned for future use as well.